Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


Ahhh so if Charles Matthews picks up a 2nd quickly, we might suddenly be on Brandon Johns watch again??


Dang re:Livers. Johns might be forced into action tonight if foul trouble occurs.


Did JP get the leg out?


I would expect a lot of Eli Brooks… but it does explain the long shift by Austin Davis (and he played well).


NBA three the old fashioned way


Hurts not having Livers. But I’m also not convinced that 40 minutes each for Poole and Iggy is a bad thing


10 points in 12 minutes for Penn State. Combination of Michigan playing more complete defense than we have the last month and Penn State not having their shots falling.


Not a timeout ref.



Under 8 media timeout for the shot clock violation.


They aren’t trying to say that Matthews established possession when he punched that ball into the backcourt, are they?! That would be ridiculous.

EDIT: That is beyond stupid! It was a tip of the ball!


Looks like that is the call.


He’s had a history of those hasn’t he? Hate to see back problems with some one so young.


Feels like Iggy is grabbing every defensive rebound


PSU seems to bae playing very solid D, but without shots falling they are slowly falling behind. And no one will get back in game with FTs. :slight_smile:


Is Teske at the rim becoming an issue?


Michigan calls timeout after a 6-0 Penn State run to cut the lead to 20-16. Brandon Johns checking into the game for U-M.


Exactly. No called fouls, no foul shots.


Time to get Simpson back in.


Not sure… in high school? Trying to remember anything last year.