Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

I think Chaundee should play all 40 minutes #ironman

I would be pretty surprised if Wagner doesn’t get a few shifts guarding Carr but we’ll see.

Lets go boys! Sucks missing Eli, but I still like our chances!

The final minute in this Georgia Ole Miss game is about to take 10 minutes. RIP to anybody trying to record the start of UM game


Does Tom Crean get fired after this year?

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When’s the tip? This pointless game between mediocre at best SEC teams could take a while

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Like 2:05 I believe, starting on ESPN2 if this game doesn’t finish

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Not a chance unless they’re dumb. Uga is an awful program. Have to at least give him 4 years

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Great possession by Ole Miss.


They just announced Michigan game will start on ESPN+ I think???

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This game is on ESPN2 tho

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C’mon Bulldogs end this!!!

What is ESPN+? Anyone know if that comes with the basic Xfinity cable package?

Shoot already

I miss Marshall Henderson

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh stop bleeding ole miss

Oh whoops, they cut in a couple minutes ago must’ve misunderstood. Maybe they said ESPN App

Espn’s paid streaming platform. I doubt it would come free with Xfinity.

Well that was bizarre all around

It’s on the App, not ESPN+