Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

More TWill minutes = :roller_coaster: :roller_coaster: :roller_coaster: :roller_coaster:

Buckle up. :rofl:


The foot strain happen in practice? He seemed fine against Wisky

Yep – official report is “he strained his (right) foot in practice; he is day-to-day …”

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In all seriousness, I think this is a matchup where you can play Johns for extended minutes as a four without being too concerned.


Even if we pull this out, all the Eli doubters (if any remain) are finally going to understand how important he is.


if there are still Eli doubters I don’t wanna know em! Eli rules


I think anyone who is actually watching our players on the defensive side of the ball gets the total value that Eli brings to the table


There’s definitely a “more Chaundee Brown minutes” narrative out there that I don’t completely buy into. It will be nice to see him play a 30+ minute game though because you probably will need that again at some point.

I was already worried about a home whistle and now Eli is out, DJ is one of the refs, and they are bringing in a ref that hasn’t seen a big ten game all season? Ominous.

I think Chaundee needs to be careful with his aggressive pressing defense today because we can’t afford for him to get in foul trouble.

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LOL. Slow down on the officiating conspiracy. The guy who does more Big Ten games than anyone reffing the game doesn’t mean that the fix is in.

(Honacki did the Toledo and Ball State games FWIW.)

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Which seems like a really good thing for today. Any foul trouble 1-4 means Johns is going to have to play as a 4, and maybe even some minutes with him and Zeb/TWill as well.

Minnesota playing DJ Carstensen’s walk up music in pre-game…great


While I will readily admit to having scars from too many Valentine and Hightower games from the 90s…it wasn’t just a conspiracy theory. MN has relied heavily on FTs all year and is averaging 28 trips to the line in ten home games…including some solid wins. Meanwhile, Eli is great at not fouling and Carr is good at drawing fouls.

Not saying it will happen, but I can see this being the recipe for how Michigan loses a game and I see the ingredients sitting out on the counter.

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I’d expect these revenge games for Minnesota, NW and Wisconsin to have pretty good intensity when we go their house

Yeah I mean the teams we blew out must be eager to get some dignity back. If I was betting i’d look up if going over on total turnovers for games like this makes sense since a guy like Carr embarrassed after last time and worried about his draft prospects might try to do a lot (possibly too much) on both ends.

I feel like Smith on Carr is a bad matchup even with Smith defending better lately, so Jackson might play more than Williams. 28 minutes of Brown and 12 minutes of Jackson on Carr, say.

If they stay out of foul trouble, I think Smith-Wagner-Livers-Brown all play 35ish+ minutes.


I can’t imagine us trying to put Zeb on him. Would guess Smith will get some time to spell Brown. Then Wagner if neither is on the court.

Makes sense, yeah. More Johns at the 4. I just think throwing a fresh Jackson at Carr for 10 minutes might be our best option as 2nd off the bench behind Johns today.