Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

There was an offensive foul on Robbins on Minnesota’s first possession… fwiw./


Early Dickinson foul = very scary

Well this is fun…

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Franz getting held like he’s Lawrence Taylor

Great…one on Hunter 1:30 in

Ok. I’m in.

What the heck is this whistle?

Hunter has avoided lowering his shoulder most of the season. Can’t do that. Easy call for the ref

I do not like a tight whistle for today’s game


Shout out to the pod.

Yeahhhh worrying about the refs was fair :frowning:

strange calls

Get the charge call out if the game

Tight whistle for a team that needs a short rotation…not good

Can’t have Brown picking up offensive fouls off the ball

Well its gonna be one of those kinda reffed games lol. Werent we all just praising officiating lol

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A lot of fouls but 2 on Robbins is good


Damn Dickinson, that’s a full grown man move on the baseline


That was Hunter saying that I am going to score it doesn’t matter who you put in front of me or how many you bring.

How did Hunter find room on the baseline to pull that off? Incredible move.