Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Big minutes for Chaundee upcoming. Hopefully Michigan can tread water when Zeb is in the game.

Zak Irvin broke out as a freshman with a ton of 3s at Minnesota…hopefully Zeb can do the same.


I trust Chaundee to show up in a big spot. My big concern is who is guarding Carr when Chaundee is on the bench/needs a break

Based on what we’ve seen from Zeb this season, expect a barrage of long 2s instead :joy:


*long step back fadeaway 2s

Yeah, I feel good about Brown (though he won’t create offense like Eli can). Who takes Carr…that is a real concern.

A win today would be huge to allow Eli to get healthy without rushing back for Tuesday if he needs more time

What is a foot strain?

Chaundee was picking Carr up full court last time. I assume he’ll do the same this game with a sprinkling of Zeb and maybe even Franz.

Stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. Hopefully not a tear and just a minor stretch.

smith has to stay out of foul trouble

Not expecting much without Brooks.

Michigan: 81
Minnesota: 93

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I agree. This news sets us up for a loss. Very sad


We all knew there would be some sort of roadblock, at some point this year. I’m pumped to see how the boys respond.

I’m excited to see if Zeb can provide some solid minutes and/or BJ or T-Will can gain some more confidence - though I don’t necessarily think T-Will lacks in that department but it would be nice to see some shots go down.


I think you’ll see a lot of different looks - Chaundee, Franz, Zeb, zone.

Let’s see how the boys do when faced with adversity.

I think Juwan going to inspire another 15+ point statement win today.

Let’s goooo

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My guess is Franz Wagner.


So basically defend Carr by committee and hope to rain in some 3’s. The good news is if it turns into a shoot out we have a good shot unless some of Minnesota’s players not named Carr or Robbins get going.

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Michigan starting: Smith,. Brown, Wagner, Livers and Dickinson. Minnesota going with Carr, Kalscheur, Gach, Johnson and Robbins.

Officiating crew: D.J. Carstensen, Chris Beaver, Steve Honacki