Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

You think minneosta is going put 93 pts on um, i mean brooks is good but hes not kawhi leonard on defense


Terrible news about Eli. Hopefully not something that lingers. I look at Eli as the glue of this team, he’s kind of always there when you need him.

Totally agree. Needless to say, but Chaundee is such a luxury to have. I’m a huge Brooks guy but I feel like Chaundee will step in and we won’t miss a beat.


Was Carstensen in Piscataway last night or am I misremembering? KenPom says DJ hasn’t called a game since Jan 2nd but that seems impossible.

Brown showed the ability to play big minutes at WF when he was healthy, so hopefully he can go mid-30s today barring foul trouble. He just won’t be able to go all out like he usually does. Let him sit when Carr sits. I bet Brown is absolutely giddy about his opportunity today.

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He was… not sure what’s up with Ken’s ref logs.

This is a huge concern. Mike Smith can’t get in foul trouble. Really, U-M can’t afford any foul trouble but especially in the backcourt.

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So he had to fly to Minneapolis after a game that didn’t conclude until 11:11 p.m. for a game the next day tipping at 1:00 p.m. local time. That is ridiculous.


Wonder if there are some ref COVID issues at play causing some “weird guys” to be assigned

Chaundee absolutely a luxury, just concerned about a guard with no experience having to come off the bench today and probably play a fair number of minutes.

Not sure but I think you get some more random refs for games at Minnesota because it is one of the tougher travel games.

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Better now than in March. I think we’ll look back and appreciate the experience gained while Brooks was out. Next man up…

I was being kind, they’re gonna put up 110+


I guess a Hunter, Franz, Livers, Smith, Johns rotation is feasible too?

I think you’ll see more Franz backcourt minutes than we’ve seen all year.


If Zeb sees the floor hopefully it’s with Brown, Franz, Livers and Dickinson also on the floor. Nothing against Johns and Davis, but put him in the best chance to succeed. And yes, Franz definitely gets some time at the 2. Not sure I’m worried about that, besides Carr their guards don’t scare me off the dribble.

My guess is TWill is the answer. Franz in the backcourt and a lot of TWill at the 3/4 to keep everyone else near their normal minute total. Swiss Army knife style.


I think we see Michigan playing “Big Man” ball today.