Game 1: Norfolk State at Michigan Open Thread


Austin Davis played the best I’ve ever witnessed. Forgot about Austin


Achilles heel, as predicted?


Maryland barely sneaking by Delaware right now


Don’t forget about Teske. 7 points, 6 boards and a block and a steal.


Teske- Matthews 1-8 from stripe.


Teske was great on D. 9 points and 6 boards in the first half is very good as well. I do think he falls in love with that 15-footer a bit too much, but I know they are pushing him to be more aggressive.


True but missed foul shots and missed a 2 footer


Foul shooting was Turrible but hopefully not a trend


That defense tho… this is not your fathers Beilein team


This is a very good defense… but Norfolk State is also a very bad offense without its best player.


They’re so small


Yeah, let’s pump the brakes boys. This Norfolk St. team is baaaaaad. We seem to be pretty much the team we thought… Poor shooting. Defense and rim attack oriented. Protect the basketball.


IMO, Livers looks clearly better than Iggy tonight. Just one game, obviously, but Iggy hasn’t looked good on either end. Clearly the weak link on defense in the top 7.


Knew Livers was coming in for Iggy there


Poole only has 3 of the 39 shot attempts. That is a surprise to me.



This D is going to be good Norfolk St limitations aside. No need to believe it won’t.


Everyone seems a bit off tonight. I guess it’s good to see a zone this early in the season. Saturday will be a big test of the half court offense to tell us if we have any chance at 'Nova.


Livers a couple nice dimes


Couple nice passes by Livers there… assist in the half court against the zone and then running the break and finds Eli.