Game 1: Norfolk State at Michigan Open Thread


Freshman Livers and Brooks no longer exist. Both look ready to take a big step forward


Livers and Poole are noticeably improved, in my opinion. Poole is playing so much more within himself, despite having a poor shooting day.


If NSU starts bringing junk traps like that this might get out of hand quickly.


Really like how Livers has been playing.


Big time. Shows a maturity this team needs


Also… Michigan quite clearly has an eight-man rotation.


If he can continue to hit jumpers, Livers is going to be a huge plus.


I loved the Livers look out of the middle of the zone for the Brooks 3.


Brooks has no lack of confidence this year.


My three preseason predictions I felt super strongly about: MSU was very overrated, Michigan would struggle big time making threes, Eli Brooks would be a big contributor and could help with the 3P struggles. Feel pretty confident about all three after tonight, despite MSU’s 2H comeback.


Livers-Brooks 4-7 from three. Starters 2-15.


(These are all documented :slight_smile: )


The FT struggles may kill me this year with less margin for error given the likely offensive issues.


One of the most lackluster 20-point wins to open a season. You guys can pay for your subscriptions by hammering the under on Michigan games for the next few months :slight_smile:


Oh yeah. And any Michigan spreads ~18+. This team attacks the rim so much that it’ll end up at the line a lot… which may not be very good.


Not a pretty Beilein offense like in years past, but at least there’s room to grow?


We might be Virginia this year and I don’t know how to feel about that


Biggest takeaway is that Livers and Brooks feel like starters. I almost wonder if we could somehow stagger Simpson and Matthews periodically with one of Livers/Brooks to get some more shooting on the floor.


There is a lot of talent on this team. They have room to grow and come together.


8 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists for Livers tonite. I just feel better when he’s on the floor for some reason.