Game 1: Norfolk State at Michigan Open Thread


22 (Long) is 6-8.


Agreed. I love the fluidity of the offense when he’s on the floor.


Brooks has always brought that “flow.”


11 bench points and 6 boards.


Teske is gassed


Brooks has at least 3 assists, a couple of them on 3’s. Seems like the quick passes make it harder for defenders to close-out.


I’m still flummoxed that Michigan can now field a consistent defensive team. Major shift in style of play and culture.


MSU 3-pointer cuts lead to 3 points with 19 seconds left on ESPN.


Can’t believe they got back into it.


They’ve battled hard. Nice to see a kid like Goins become a player. Great kid.


Michigan has been stuck on 30 points for the last 3:22 here. Norfolk on a 6-0 run.


We have been stuck on 30 for 4 minutes.


I like Livers play tonite. Looks quicker and more active.



Looks like charging fouls are going to be a thing for this team.
Also, free throw shooting. Again.


4 of 13 from the free throw line. I mean come on.



Livers 2-2 from three, 4 boards. Rest of team 2-12 from three. Iggy 1-5 from field.


Livers and Brooks played well. Everyone else kind of blah. Seems they thought it was a 16 minute half.

Nobody on MSU would start for M

Very physically impressive team.


If the live stats are to be believed: Michigan was 6-of-7 at the rim and 6-of-26 on all jumpers. That’s 23%.