Game 1: Norfolk State at Michigan Open Thread


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Hail! Hail! I hope every one VOTED. GO BLUE!

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Michigan will start Zavier Simpson, Jordan Poole, Charles Matthews, Ignas Brazdeikis and Jon Teske in the opener.

Nice dish by Poole.

Poole creating is so underrated.

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Not for long :slight_smile:

Man, this is the worst night for college hoops to start

Simpson looks like Walton with the defensive boards.

Charles Matthews with some kind of tape/brace on his right wrist and misses his first two free throws.

I think he wore that in the exhibition, too.

I’ve been watching Ignas on defense. I know it’s limited competition but it sure looks like he’s bought in.

Teske is an absolute monster. Potential All-American

Michigan pitching a shutout at the under 16 timeout. Wolverines lead 6-0 and Jordan Poole leading the way with a pair of beautiful assists.

I know it’s a lower level of competition but Big Sleep looks fundamentally sound on defense. Tracks back well, keeps his hands high, eats up space.

Come on now…

Michigan football couldnt keep the shutout this pst weekend. Let’s see if the basketball team can.

In all seriousness, Norfolk hasn’t gotten a good look yet. Great start on that end. Offense definitely a bit disjointed but that always improves as the year goes on so let’s hope that trend continues

4 minutes in to game 1!!! I love the hot takes!

brooks for three!

My man Brooks with the first 3 again.