Former Michigan Players in the G League Bubble

LOL perfect!


I believe he was going for our 2019 starting lineup - our best defensive squad of the decade with Iggy and JP being flamethrowers would be really fun to watch.

Wow a double double for X and assists weren’t involved in the double double? Have a day, X. Almost a triple double!


That’s still my man. Way to go X!

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Todd is shooting really well and apparently showing defensive versatility. Sounds like he’s moving up draft boards.

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Win-win situation for all involved in my opinion. Good for him.


Is going 9-20 really shooting that well? I haven’t been following…seems like he’s a bit of a chucker and has the potential in time to be a decent shooter for his size, but hadn’t heard of him doing that well.

I decided to answer my own question. He’s shooting 43% from three (good!) But 38% from two (bad!)


If he can shoot well from 3 and be an athletic 6’10” I think you can draft him with the hope the other stuff comes around.

If he gets drafted, that will be why. He’s always been so in need of actual coaching to break bad habits. If that can happen, he has a ton of upside.

It’s big for him to show he can do at least ONE thing really well.

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Was just taking a few minutes to look at current G League stats - why is it that all former Michigan players (sans Duncan) regress so significantly shooting 3s (Poole, Iggy, Stauskas)?

Have they? Poole is shooting 36% from 3 this year after shooting 43% from 3 last year in the G-League, and he was a 36/37% career shooter at Michigan.

Iggy is 24% right now, but only in 6 games so a super small sample size. He was 34% last year in 24 games. That’s down from his 39% at Michigan, but that was only one year (so potentially a small sample size issue) and also 86% of his makes were assisted at Michigan. I have no idea what the G-League numbers are there but when he was in HS shot quality was a big issue for him, so that could still be an issue now as well.

Stauskas is the one that fits. Ever since he went pro he just never became the shooter he was expected to be.

Yeah, maybe Poole wasn’t a great example - maybe he’s just a 36% shooter no matter where he is. His shot looks like it should be high 30s though!

Iggy shot 34% from 3 in the G League last year - larger sample size, so maybe his season at Michigan was a fluke.

I thought that X, who was always limited as a scorer here, was putting up lots of points? I mean, you’re facing better competition, NBA rep for defense or no. . . Agree that Poole has a great-looking shot; as his lone superfan on this board, I am still hoping for that big breakthrough for him. :slight_smile:

He’s middle of the road with scoring and efficiency - and only shooting in the high 20s from 3 (probably small sample size again).

Think he’s had some good invdividual games and some meh games

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I think there are three legit explanations for that:

1 - The line is farther in the NBA than in college, even more so pre-FIBA change
2 - NBA defenders are typically more athletic and taller than a lot of college opponents
3 - Michigan’s offense created a lot of open looks. That may or may not be true on some of these teams

I would also be careful painting with a broad brush unless you also examine Caris (34% NBA, 40% UM), THJ (36% vs 34%), Burke (35% vs. 37%), Wagner (30% vs. 39%), GR3 (37% vs. 31%), etc.

It does seem like the leap to the NBA causes most to have a slight drop, but there are examples either way.


Maybe it’s that Beilein’s offense just creates quality 3 looks no matter what? Surely that helps a shooter make a few more. Even in that Texas Tech game. They got good shots, IIRC. That day, they just missed every single one of them.

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