Former Michigan Players in the G League Bubble

For anyone interested in the G League…see link below!

IGGY with 12 and 12 in the first half today…

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Nik Sauce-kis puts up 19 for the G-League Raptors

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I was hoping he’d be a throw-in on the Derrick Rose deal to the Pistons.

Doesn’t look like Zak Irvin is in the league this year. But somehow they got 37 year old Jarrett Jack to play with the Ignite team as a “mentor.”. Not sure if the plan was for him to lead the team in scoring…but that’s how the first game went.

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Amir Johnson is on the team too.

Teske on the Lakeland Magic: 30 minutes played and started. 11 points, 4 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals, and a block (4/9 from the field, 1/4 from 3)


Charles Mathews was 4-10 and played 19 minutes last night with the Canton Charge…welcome back Charles!


Awesome. So we’ve confirmed…

  • Iggy
  • Poole
  • Simpson
  • Teske
  • Matthews
  • Stauskas

I couldn’t find Walton or Irvin in there so they must be overseas. Saw that Cassius Winston was also sent down to the G-league and had a solid first game.

Is MAAR playing? I know he played for the Canton Charge in the GLeague last year

Just to see Z in uniform again = :schoolgirl happyfluffy hearteyes creature emoji:

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Sparty in college: please bench me so I no longer have to sacrifice for the team by starting
Sparty in NBA: please G-league me

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Zavier vs. Isaiah Todd ESPNU 3pm eastern


Zak is playing in Taiwan for one of their two competing top leagues (only five teams in his league). Team hasn’t done any well but his stats show he’s playing well (in only 3 games so far).


Is this what G League games always look like?

yes they’re in a bubble in Disney World

Today’s the day I learn that I actually have ESPNU… good to know!