Final Four Bound!


We actually just say “Go Blue!” but that sounds like an interesting place to check out.


I’m not mad at the guy for posting here. That’s good business.


I have been corrected GO BLUE !!!


Know this and it will take you a long way with the Maize and Blue.


Not sure if any of you guys are Cleaning the Glass subscribers (you should be), but here is a great article on Michigan’s new defensive prowess:


Thanks craftbeerSA! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it out to SA for the game, but SA IS on my list of destinations, and I’ll definitely check out your place when I DO come! By the way, we have some outstanding craft beers here in Grand Rapids which bills itself as Beer City, USA!


Why didn’t Hatch cut a piece of the net?

Or did he on the players’ end and I missed it?

We were waiting for him to climb the ladder on the coaches’ basket, but before we knew it JB was finishing off the net.


Hatch is a student assistant now, right? Did any of those guys cut a piece of the net?


Not sure. He may have. It was fairly chaotic on the floor. They cut down both nets which isn’t normal I don’t think.


What can we do to correct the raging epidemic of “Big Blue” references? ESPN appears to be Patient Zero…maybe we should focus our efforts there.


I thought at least in recent years teams cut down both nets - one for the kids, the other for the coaches. I thought I saw a student manager or two climb the ladder, but I may be wrong. It was awesome when Coach B walked to the baseline to wave the net at us!


Maybe. That is how it worked out. I haven’t watched many other net cutting ceremonies, for some reason in Dallas I remember only being on one end of the floor.


It certainly seems like an easy call to cut both, I’d say. For one, the other net is just sitting there and it’s nice to give more people the chance to cut a piece. And then it’s also great to give fans on both ends a chance to “participate” if you’ve got fans on both ends.


I was watching all of this closely from down there…

Players started cutting the net, Austin and the coaches were waiting. However, the players were cutting the top link, one by one. When Mo went up there, he cut the very last link, and the net came off.

Mo waves it around happily while Coach B is shaking his head in real frustration and disappointment. Austin was still by the coaches. At that point, someone had the idea to take the ladder to the other side, where the rest of the cutting happened. During this switch, Austin was nowhere to be seen. My guess is he went to go celebrate with the boys in the locker room, but maybe he was out there.

And yes, having Coach come over to each side of Staples and wave the net was awesome!


Will the beer garden be open after the games, on Saturday?


Thanks for the breakdown. I really thought I’ve seen teams do both nets. I don’t get why you would leave a perfectly good net standing. We were ready to explode if Hatch went up the ladder!


I wonder if Coach has to add Cutting Down the Nets to the things he has his players practice ahead of time, although I have to think that the jinx factor in doing so would go way up.


Actually, cutting down the nets is a “thing!” Jimmy V had his team do it frequently in practice in 1983, the year they won the National Championship!


Maybe Hatch is waiting to cut down the championship nets?


Is today Media Day? When are all the team/player/coach press conferences happening? I always love those