Final Four Bound!


Kansas has five transfers? Whoa.


They seem to be counting three guys who are taking the NCAA-mandated red-shirt: the Lawson brothers (from Memphis) and a refugee from Cal.


I love this week to absorb the success and I’m so thankful for another week of hoops. The summers are too long debating which 16 year old JB may or may not miss on! Give me this team or any combination of this culture andI’m fine with it! At the end of the day…whether its business or sports…to me its all about the team and the culture! AMDG…men for others!


this team may lack star power compared to the 2102/2013 team, but definitely does not lack personalities. Coming Sunday, their individual cinderella stories will be all over the media.


My brother and I are flying in from Florida and Indiana respectively. If anyone has a couple of extra tickets to any (or all) of the sessions, please shoot me an email at

A few years ago I used to cut the 5KP videos for Dylan and company here. I also made it to the first two rounds of last year’s tournament in Indy.

Thanks in advance and Go Blue!


Check out this podcast with Stu Douglass and Zack Novak, its a good listen.


Thanks for posting. That was great stuff.


Hey guys, I have two extras for Monday’s championship game in Section 336, row 20 (center court, upper bowl). I paid a face value of $250/each for these before the tournament. Price is negotiable. Please e-mail me at or message me directly if you’re interested. Go Blue!


There’s just no way to know which student section is which, is there?

@umhoops, any help with this possibly?

I’ve got a couple tickets I’m eyeing greedily, but right now the plane flight is prohibitively expensive.


I don’t know what sections are which, my apologies.


Ugh, hate to do this but if anyone has any extra tickets (for Saturday, especially,) they’d be willing to sell to a couple of Wolverines at a reasonable (i.e. near face value) price, I would be so so grateful. Please message me if so. Also, @umhoops , please remove if inappropriate.

And to add to the discussion, the M sections are 113-118 (Source: Ticket Office)

Edited: Prioritize Saturday


@lsahdjf did you see this post?


I did but I can’t say I’m comfortable with having tickets in hand for Monday before having some for Saturday!


Anyone have any suggestions for food, drink, etc in SA?


Anything on the river is an awesome atmosphere IMO. Honestly just walk down it and you’ll find a ton of interesting stuff. There was a unique British pub (can’t remember the name) that I was in for Burke’s shot in 2013. Republic of Texas is a nice steakhouse and Iron Cactus is a Mexican place that I remember.


Sorry to make this into a ticket-posting forum of sorts, but I received an offer for $215 from a mutual friend who is a Nova alumn. Would much prefer to sell to a Michigan fan, so if you can match or beat that offer, the tickets are yours! Thanks


Now, five years after capturing the imagination of the then-teenage Wagner, Michigan is winning over a whole new group of German fans with this run to the Final Four.

“He’s a celebrity there,” said Jurgen Schmieder, a U.S. correspondent for the Suddeutsche Zeitung – one of Germany’s largest daily newspapers – and former soccer player at Michigan. “In major cities, bars have stayed open so you could come in at 1 a.m. and watch the game and cheer him on.”

Loyola may have America’s heart, but we have Germany’s :wink:


Creating a mobile map of of Michigan related events in San Antonio for fans traveling to the game. Have the Michigan spirit club meetup, places to grab a drink, etc. and will keep adding to it. Let me know if you have any suggestions and I will add it. Enjoy the game!

Download maps here


Two good reads today.


Congrats to BIG BLUE and Welcome to SA for the Final Four!!! Any one looking for the best Craft Beer in SA stop by The Growler Exchange 8113 Broadway street, They are also hosting a remote Beer Garden at 1120 East Commerce street less then a 1/2 mile from the Alamodome. Pouring some of Texas best Craft Beer and Cider. GO BIG BLUE!!!