Final Four Bound!

What a great night for Michigan basketball! Congrats to the team, coaches, specifically Coach Beilein, and all the fans!

Incredible to go 13-0 with a Big Ten Championship and Final Four appearance and possibly more since Feb 11th. To think back to the pre-Beilein days with a decade+ drought from the tourney…to the fire Beilein days…to now. What a crazy journey for those of us that love Michigan hoops.



Duncan dragged us across the finish line - his growth as an athlete is awe inspiring

If you heard a crazy loud siren on the telecast when FSU was on offense in the second half… that was me!

Oh, it was also hideous.

4 for 22, I think? EIGHT assists! And we won!

I’m supposed to meet with my buddies tomorrow to buy some tickets. Looks like some more sober fans from tonight bought all the very fair priced ones. God bless you all!

I still need one. I need one close to the court. Our guys won the game, like always, but I brought the noise if not the funk. The guy right in front of me said word for word “you have a gift.” For better or for worse, lol!

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Has anyone who’s gone to a Final Four have any recommendations on tickets? Especially trying to sit in/around the Michigan section?

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And this is so different than 2013 when we had the POY and loads of talent/stardom. This bizarre squad has new assistants, a PG that lost his job and can’t hit FT’s, a Kentucky transfer, D-3 transfer, unknown German kid, freshman, and a 2 star SG.


Yes, exactly how we drew it up.

Oh, and a coach who is NOT one of the best in the country! :wink: Just to be clear, that was a jab at comments made elsewhere, certainly not here anymore, that John Beilein really isn’t one of the best coaches in the country! I mean, what some people will write on internet sites these days! My oh my! :smiley:

I’m going to San Antonio (flying into Austin first), but I’m holding off on tickets until the Monday game for a few reasons.

  1. We 100% should win on Saturday. I don’t want to spend $200+ and watch them lose if that isn’t the case. I’m keeping my gun powder dry for Monday.

  2. My hope is that Villanova beats Kansas on Saturday. Kansas fans travel very well (there’s absolutely nothing to do in that part of the country except watch basketball). This team plays well in front of a ‘home’ crowd (LA/NYC) and not so much in hostile/neutral environments.

If it’s a Michigan vs. Villanova Final, I’m all in - I’ll be buying tickets to the game.


I’m doing practically the exact same but went ahead and bought the tickets for Saturday. They’re definitely expensive but I’ve never been to a Final Four, plus hey you only live once.

My hope is the tickets stay neutral or fall for the championship game as well. If we end up losing, I’m also not locked in to worrying about selling, so I can try to head out earlier on Sunday or Monday.


I had tickets since before the tournament for all 3 games in San Antonio, mostly because I liked our chances and figured I could always sell them should we lose. Then, I proceeded to get a broken hand (boxer’s fracture). Still going, but that put quite the damper on my excitement post game. It was a freak, high-fiving injury about 30 minutes after we beat Florida State.


It sure seems like the best route to go is buy for all sessions. Cheaper and works out best if either Michigan wins or you plan on going to all three games no matter what.

Haha bummer about the hand! Maybe Sister Jean can bless the hand for a quick recovery.


I wouldn’t presume to tell others what to do, but I would caution against making big decisions with this assumption for two reasons:
(1) Not only do the efficiency models give Loyola a ~30% chance of winning, but they’ve been a top-20 outfit since getting their starting backcourt back from early season injuries.
(2) It seems to me to be a waste to take for granted a national semifinal game. Might as well enjoy it if you can. (Not that you have to be in the stadium to enjoy it.)


Oh, my gosh, I hope you’re OK! Someone said I’m hardcore, but a broken hand “high fiving” after a Michigan victory sure beats anything I’ve got! Take care! And no high fiving after the national championship! :wink:

It wasn’t even during the initial celebration after winning either! It was about 30 minutes after the game in one of those, “I can’t believe we are actually in the Final Four!” moments.

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Every CTA rider knows you can’t get anywhere in Chicago without multiple transfers.