Final Four Bound!


They are today and tomorrow. We will have them on the site. Beilein press conference today at 1:45 eastern.


Beer Garden will be open 12-12 Friday 12-1 Saturday 12-12 Sunday and 12-12 Monday!! When BLUE wins Saturday , if 25 or more BLUE fans Shiw up at our Main Bar The Growler Exchange at 8313 Broadway we have a special treat for you! We have. Keg Of KBS to Tap in your Honor. Wear your colors and once we count 25 we will Tap it. We also will have Breakfast Stout on nitro for you guys. Go Blue !!! We love Founders and Bells at the Growler Exchange!


Just craft beer or do you have booze? CoryR loves the shots.

Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Villanova Discussion Thread

Waiting at the airport in San Antonio for my buddy’s flight to land, have already seen Ernie Johnson, Sanjay Gupta, Laettner, Candace Parker, Josh Pastner, Jim Delany, President Schlissel, Spike, and J Bart. Said what’s up and Go Blue to the latter two. Waiting by the baggage claim is not a bad place to be.

Edit: Add Ray Allen to the list… the guy has like 8 kids.


You should have told Candace how to pronounce Wagner’s name.