Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Loyola


Prediction: Loyola can beat their asses

This seems particularly salty from a coach after the fact, unless they spoke with Bacari.


LOL. That part is a bit much, was referring more to his description of Michigan.


Probably true, but UM is also not a great matchup for Loyola. All the little advantages Loyola is used to wringing from the game – like eliminating opponents’ transition opportunities while getting some of their own, or employing more flexible offensive sets – will be gone.


20% t/o rate in the tournament.


I think it’s in part because he’s agnostic–more interested in the possibilities than sure of the outcomes–Dylan never seems terribly high on Michigan’s prospects. Always measured, always circumspect.


I thought A&M and FSU were great matchups FWIW.


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interesting thoughts there. i didn’t know that about tennessee and k state.


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Yes, and I see why you think that this one is not as obviously favorable. I do think we are likely the more talented bunch, but it’s going to come down to executing here. If Loyola got out in front, the crowd was berserk, and we lost our poise. . . but all that pretty much goes without saying. (One thing I wonder–if Loyola is the sentimental favorite, does that mean the refs penalize us for the defensive aggression that has paid off so mightily to now?)

Personally, though, I would accept another grinding nail-biter win here if the gods would let it rain for us in the final.


Isn’t Loyola the least talented defensive team M has faced thus far in the tournament? I think they will struggle with Simpson, Wagner, and Matthews. This games seems very winnable to me


I think after playing Robert Williams, Tyler Davis and all those FSU guys, our guards and wings will feel 100 times more comfortable and confident attacking the rim knowing there are no shot blockers around. MAAR specifically should be salivating.


Here’s their message board.

Several optimistic inaccuracies in that article…


That might be our cue to thank Dylan and staff once again for the level of content we get here.


This part is interesting…

The Ramblers have gotten away with being sloppy with the ball the past few games, averaging 12.8 turnovers in the tournament and 15.5 in the past two games.


TOs are definitely one way in which UM could get a big advantage, and the nice part is that UM is pretty good at generating them without trapping or otherwise giving Loyola possible advantages. UM just has Simpson, and then the centers are also pretty good at it. Hopefully X can do it without picking up fouls.


Loyola’s defense is very good and their shooting is fantastic. So I think forcing turnovers is going to be a huge factor in the game. They have the ability to hit the tough shots that we are going to force them to make, so keeping them from shooting at all will be huge. And we are great in transition so live ball turnovers would be even better.

I also hope we can take advantage of some offensive rebounds. Not in a way that will take away our transition D but anytime Teske is out there, or if Wagner/Livers is at the 5 against their small ball team, I hope we can get some seconds chances.

All this analysis and the game may entirely come down just to whether we can shoot 35% from 3 or not.


I was shocked after reading the FSU SB Nation blog preview for us. It was one of the most correct previews I can recall from an opponent, maybe aside from when exactly Beilein decided to hire a DC and the Virginia comparison (Although he might be talking solely tempo and not style of play).


Repeatedly calling us Big Blue is surely the most egregious of the errors