Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Loyola


I’m just not seeing it at this point. Not enough to give Wagner or Teske minutes to Livers. I’d be happy to see Loyola try to take advantage of a perceived favorable matchup and get away from doing what they do best. Just like I prefer M to pull opposing 5 away from the basket, letting others attack unprotected lane, as opposed to forcing awkward post possessions with Wagner.


Agreed. Hope it is plan B, and plan A is to come out playing Michigan basketball and show them how it is done.


I think we’ve seen the response to a ton of perimeter oriented action: switch everything. Big question is are Duncan and moe quick enough laterally to guard Loyola’s 1-4. Or can we execute hedge and recover well enough.

On that note I LOVE watching our help defenders on PnR or some post actions! It’s a thing of beauty to see the help deny and recover efficiently.


Roll with Moe and force them to match up with us. I know they’ve got some skill but unless they go uber small I’d match Wagner up with their worst 3pt shooter that makes sense and have him play off as much as possible. They have to match up with us on the other end and slips with our bigs to the basket could allow us to feast.


We’re on the same page. My point was that I’ve already heard analysts that were discussing what Loyola brings to the table against Michigan as if Michigan were Texas A&M and had no chance of defending the perimeter.


I know Dylan suggested this in his article too, but I’m not sure that UM has been switching everything with Robinson, much less Wagner. And I agree that our help defenders have been very impressive.


In your opinion, what is the best site for team rankings? I do not like RPI.


do almost all of mid-major have this kind of line-up. they play small because they have no choice.



Sorry maybe that was unclear. I meant 1-4 switching, which Michigan usually does very heavily. Definitely not at the five. Let me go back and look what I wrote.


I think he was kidding.


Am I over-simplifying things to think that if Loyola has Krutwig out of the game, Moe will be able to shoot right over whoever is guarding him? 6’5" is a lot different than 6’8" like Isaiah Roby.


Michigan is having a Final Four send off on Wednesday at 5:45 p.m.

“Fans are invited to line a pathway from the Crisler Center Northeast entrance to the Entrance of the William Davidson Player Development Center.”


Nice, it’s supposed to be mid 50’s on Wednesday too.


i can see michigan adjusting with Livers at the 5 like we’ve seen a couple of times this year. fouls is another thing to watch with Loyola, how much of a bench do they have. if their big gets in early foul trouble who is the back up?


I’m at a struggle with this…do we let their lineup dictate ours?

On the one hand, we’ve been brilliant at feeling things out at beginning of games (since first Nebraska game at least) and then adjusting to whatever poison they pick.

On the other hand, we’ve got clear advantages in size and less-definitive advantages on the perimeter. Running our standard offense with our standard rotation should give them plenty of fits.

Most importantly, I just want our best defensive units out there as much as possible. Going small and taking some minutes from Teske and/or Wagner just doesn’t “feel” like the formula. Will be interesting for sure.


interedting take from a coach on a team Michigan beat.


My guess is this is Houston’s coach. I was surprised he thought Isaiah could be iso’d as I’ve been pretty impressed with his foot speed and defense in the post.


That take is pretty accurate on Michigan IMO. I don’t think Loyola is a great matchup. I’d expect a game similar to the Houston one to be honest. Low possession, solid defense both ways, etc.


I’m a little surprised by that take. We are WAY better than any team they’ve played in the tournament and Tennessee was without their starting C and Kansas State without their best player. I see us winning comfortably UNLESS they shoot unbelievably which no team has done that too us in forever it seems. Hopefully we can make our free throws late.

Also, without looking, don’t they turn the ball over a lot?