Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Loyola


The entire thing read like a high school “Make a fake website of your choice” project IMO.

The Wolverines played a relatively weak non-con schedule, and nearly made the worst of it

Texas, UCLA, UNC, and LSU with two wins compared to Boise St. and Florida for Loyola, the former a game that they lost by 34. What the hell is this dude on lmao


I wondered if he is a real reporter, too. Certainly not like we’re used to! Sam and Ira tried to get info on Loyola so they said, well, we’ll just contact Loyola’s radio announcing team. Then they found out Loyola doesn’t have a radio announcing team. They don’t have a radio broadcast of Loyola Basketball! So, there you go! I think their basketball team is probably a lot better than their media team, but I hope not!


Thought I was reading a Kentucky preview with all the Big Blue references. That was painful to read.


Regarding Loyola turnovers: Yes, they turn the ball over a bit but it is not because they are poor ball handlers and decision makers. Loyola is extremely aggressive with their passing. They might have more skip passes in one possession than UM has in the whole game. It makes for an exciting style of play in my opinion. Not only is it a pleasure to watch but it results in very very wide open looks and this team can really finish with the best of them. Elite shooters at multiple positions…


IMO, our 2013 team would’ve easily torn apart this Loyola team as they cannot match offensively basket for basket, that team had too much offensive weapons and too much athletism for any mid-major teams to stay close for 40 minutes.

This year team, however, is quite different. MAAR and DR were basically mid-major recruit. X, elite defender, but not the POY that could score at will against most teams. Our advantage this year is Mo and Matthews, a rock solid team defense plus a deep bench. I like our chance but i can see why Loyola fans are confident about their chance too. I just hope that they come into this game over confidently and watch Mo and Charles attack their basket relentlessly without much to answer.


Might we bust out a zone?


So it’s more like the Warriors can sometime rack up turnovers. (obviously not trying to compare them to the Warriors)


I more meant we’ve seen teams try it against Michigan.


I’m most looking forward to Simpson putting the glove on Custer.


That’s interesting. I wasn’t super keen on the matchup with FSU. I posted it on this other board I was on, but I suspected that their athleticism/length/quickness wouldn’t be easy to deal with. Gonzaga played lousy, but they were really shell shocked by that combination and blocks coming on plays they never thought would get rejected. Although I guess if we didn’t have a nightmare of a shooting night, we would have built that 38-30 lead on FSU. They did contest a lot of shots, though.

Still, it scares me that you don’t like the Loyola matchup. I do think we have many more options and weapons, though, then, say, Tennessee, who I thought was a pretty good team - but a team that was much more straightforward to defend than us.


In 1964 NCAA tournament, Loyola and Michigan delivered a classic, complete with controversy


I love having Big Jon on the team, but I did find this funny:

When he’s not in the game, Michigan has the obligatory big stiff that seems to be contractually obligated for all Big Ten rosters. The 7-1 Jon Teske essentially comes in to screen and be a pest.


Was with some FSU friends last night and had to endure a lot of stuff about how close the game was, etc. (no mention of Hamilton’s late game antiheroism). Found myself wanting to say hey, had we hit just a couple of threes that game was well out of reach. Very curious to see when and if the law of averages catches up to us. And I STILL want some smart reporter to ask whether the emphasis on D this year has come at the expense of some practice on offense, whether Beilein sees it as a trade-off.

Anyway, a week to practice bodes particularly well for the team, I think.


Offense is less elite this year because of our personal at PG position. Beilein is willing to go with X for his defense at the expense of offense.


A week of practice and rest will do wonders for the team moving into the weekend. I expect JB will have the team locked in and prepared. He will attack Loyola’s weakness. They have not shot the ball well as a team…I think the offense has upside. You can bet more time will be spent on the scoring side this week.


I wonder how much tip times factor into the team’s game day rhythm? Montana, Houston, Florida State all had the late (9pm EST or later) tip times. Texas A&M was 6-ish. Semifinal is a 6:10pm tip but Championship game is another 9pm game.


It shouldn’t be THAT much of a factor. I would guess it’s mostly statistical randomness although I think it did affect them in Wichita a bit.


I think people make way too big of a deal out of it. These guys play at all different times all over the place.


Do we see Michigan go any type of zone in this game? Defense has been their calling card all year. kind of miss the Stu Douglas/Zack Novak era where Coach B would go to the 1-3-1 zone after a made basket on offense and him switching back and forth on the defensive end.


I don’t think the FSU tip (8:49) was too big of a deal - we’ve played some 9:00 games. But those 10:30 tipoffs in Wichita were unusually late and I could see that throwing things off a little.