European Soccer

For the most part, I think so. Game is very different in different countries, and officiating quality varies a lot.

Quick query but looks right, basically fouls/cards per team per game.

The whole “dark arts” time-wasting shithousery thing is definitely a known trait of South American nations, though.

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Darwin Nunez picking a fight with the entire stadium.

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If this is the same scale as, +100 pts in ELO makes you like 2:1 faves. We’ve really only ever played in a pretty narrow band of meh.

But by acclamation and by numbers, talent pool has improved over time despite results remaining flat. That’s the prima facie case against GGG. The question is if the initial postulate is actually true.

Personally I think leadership change after six years is reasonable in nearly all organizations / endeavors.


Would love to see this chart with the average ages of each squad (start, peak, end).

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Has it? I feel like our 2010 team has more talent.

The thing with “more talent” is where we are at in the process.

The USMNT WC team was avg age of like… 24?

The 2020 USMNT WC squad had three players under 24: Bradley, Torres and Altidore.

So there was more “talent and potential” but way less experience and proven ability at the international stage.

I think everyone agrees with this which is why it is pretty standard for NT managers to not last more than a cycle.

The discussion is a bit more nuanced based on a) how irrational and insane many USMNT fans are on twitter and b) how hilariously flawed the process was to hire Gregg (two different times).


Still feels like the Mou stuff to me from last year. Zidane and Low were mentioned a lot too. I just don’t believe the USSF can get someone of that quality, but I’d love to be wrong.

Is the talent that much better than Bradley/Arena had? I’m not sure anyone here is as good as Landon or Clint. It’s deeper, I think the top end is lower.

Regardless, even if it is higher, this group at an average age of 24 is definitely not as good as those groups.

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Yeah I dk whether you mean “over Gregg’s tenure” or “over the span of modern USMNT” but I don’t know how you’d use numbers to make the latter determination.

As for the former, I think it’s plausible you could assemble an expected peak for the team’s quality over that period but what seems obvious to me is that these guys vary a lot in their actual availability, fitness, sharpness.

In any case, I am firmly Team Jimmies and Joes. Coaches matter but not nearly as much as players do. Consensus is that this is esp. true in a national team soccer context.

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Just to note re a couple comments above that I am not totally convinced the talent is better either. By club badge, Dempsey Donovan don’t stack up w Balogun and Pulicic. But Dempsey and Donovan certainly had impact for club and country.

It was a good run!

At least it wasn’t dragged out.

There is still room on the Marcelo Gallardo bandwagon.

MSU fans lived it in football with thinking they could get Urban Meyer.

Sounds like it’s narrowing down to Dolo and Nancy. To the surprise of no one.

2 great choices TBH

Nothing too ambitious, but I think with the 2 year window and having to scrape friendlies together along with recent results and trajectory, it’s not an easy sell to the bigger names. Is what it is.

Haven’t really done a huge deep dive on either, but I like everything about Nancy I have read so far and Dolo seems solid so could be worse.

Yeah “two successul MLS coaches” seems like the logical pool. Add in that Dolo played for USMNT a ton, and you even get the “guys we know” box checked.