European Soccer

I know @umhoops is a big soccer fan and I enjoy it as well…anyone else watching this Chelsea vs. Liverpool match? Unbelievably entertaining so far I’m not sure how it’s still 0-0.

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Been a great game.

I don’t watch that poncy English stuff. I only watch the farmers league where men are men and legs are broken. Allez l’OM

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Really amazing that this game is heading to extra time at 0-0. Both teams have had so many great opportunities on goal.

Which cup final is this, the football league cup, the league football cup, the community shield, the carabao cup, the fa cup, the English Champions cup, the Premier League Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup of league winners cup, the English Breakfast Cup, the UK cup, the London cup, the tea cup, the cup of cups, the Europa Cup of England, the Champions League of England, the World Cup of England, the European Championship of England, the Audi Cup of England, or the DFB Pokal of England?


I’m surprised Pulisic got subbed so early he created numerous chances for himself and others. How many goals have been disallowed because of offsides? 3?

Ends on penalties. None of the first 10 takers for each team missed, so it went to the keepers. Liverpool’s made his and Chelsea’s kicked a FG

So did anyone think Arsenal was gonna win 3-1? I feel like Tottenham has a better team if fully fit but no Kulesevski and getting the red killed any chances. Both Arsenal and Tottenham have been pleasant surprises imo. Now if only my United can beat @umhoops Man City tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Arsenal the most fun team to watch in Europe right now

As a Wolves fan, I’m having a miserable time this season. Can’t score!

Arsenal have been fun. Liverpool have been as well, but in the sense that you don’t know what will happen.


I arbitrarily decided to becomes a wolves fan when they got Adama because I’m sort of lustful of his physique.

Not going well!

Fwiw, Tottenham really seems like a two man show, and Son is badly out of form.

Fun to watch with the ball on his foot. When it leaves the foot is when it’s a problem. Think there might be a managerial change soon.

Haven’t been able to score in Lage’s tenure. They spent way too much for a relegation placement now.

Arsenal are >>> Sp*rs


Not sure Arsenal are the most fun team to watch in Europe but it was great to see the team that actually plays on the front foot be rewarded in the North London Derby.

Hopefully the same thing happens tomorrow morning.

Had a bit of bad luck with no visible striker (Jimenez not the same since he fractured his skull and the one they signed this season got injured before he was finished with one half of his debut) but you have to be able to score goals. Thought the team lacked confidence today. Chelsea next, but then a stretch of 5 matches that’ll require 2-3 victories….not sure I’m confident in that right now

Welp :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


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Two teams aren’t close to the same level right now.

I am surprised by how well Arsenal is doing this year and I do think Spurs are better top to bottom. I was and am still very skeptical of Arteta but it’s actually refreshing to see a manager given confidence and see their work play out over multiple seasons.

Gabriel Jesus, though……Did anyone see this in him?? I thought he was purely a tap in merchant at City, I had NO idea he had this crazy level of first touch and dribbling ability.

Not sure he was ever really a tap-in merchant (that would be Sterling). Jesus struggled as a finisher at times but his best traits were always his work rate, skill and movement. He played mostly on the wing for Man City because of all that. His finishing has always been the one thing that lets him down.