DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents


Mo needs to buy bigger shoes.


I disagree some. I think his on court production is so limited that I would think he would want to show scouts he can actually play. If I was a scout I would want to see anyone compete and play though, especially a guy like dj


lol I was just noticing that. Why are other guys’ shoes a 1/2" more?

I really don’t get why we do the “w/ shoes” measurement…


From th draftexpress twitter account:

Michigan’s D.J. Wilson pulled out of 5 on 5 portion of NBA Combine due to an injured quad, allegedly. Canceled a private NBA workout also.


Has DJ Wilson at 30 to the Utah Jazz, a team that he worked out for.


Interesting…again, I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of this whole process, but if he got a “guarantee” from Utah that if he’s there, then they’re taking him…then the rest of the events unfolding at combine make sense


The fact that we know he worked out for Utah, that Givony is claiming that he’s adjusting his draft on ‘intel from Chicago’, that Givony put ‘allegedly’ regarding his injury. Food for thought… pretty clear what he thinks. We’ll see.



If for arguments sake, Utah promised to pick him at 30, would you really pull out of the combine and cancel private workouts based on being the 30th pick? If I’m DJ, I don’t think I would be completely satisfied with that outcome and I would want to workout to try and get higher up than the last pick of the 1st round. Utah also has the 24th pick too.

I have to assume he is legitimately banged up and the smart move is to wait to recover before playing in 5 on 5 or private workouts. He still has 2 weeks left before he has to make a final decision. If he can heal up in a week, then he still has time to partake in more private workouts.


Perhaps the guarantee was contingent on him not working out. I would think DJ would be happy with any first round guarantee.

However, JB says it was a quad, and that man is more trustworthy than snow in winter.


There is no such thing as an oral promise besides the overall #1 pick.

teams can change their mind if someone they want more is available at the time.

He is banged up and has to skip all the workout and 5 vs 5.




Yup. You don’t reduce your exposure because a team verbally tells you they may pick with one of the last selections in the first round.

That would be like Jim Harbaugh not recruiting another RB because a 5* verbally agrees to use an official visit on UM sometime after his season is over :joy:

The most logical answer is that what we’re officially hearing is the truth — Wilson has a quad injury and isn’t playing in the 5-on-5 portion of the combine to guard against worse injury. What that does to his draft stock is a guessing game. But by being at the combine he can still participate in interviews, still get the official measurements, still take in the atmosphere, still hear the opinions first hand from NBA Execs.





Well, that’s a little bit of positive news for UM. At least it seems to indicate his mind is on NBA or Michigan and not on a “draft & stash” plan to return to Europe.


Overall it seems like Derrick shot the ball pretty well, him and Monte Morris are near the top of most of the shooting stats.


Realistically DWalt is playing for a D-League spot next season. Although he might be able to shoot his way into one of the new NBA 2-way contracts