DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents




For the fringe 1st round guys (like Moe and DJ), I’d assume that showing well today during 5-on-5 will be huge for them (and thus, for UM). I say this because I assume they will knock the interviews out of the park. With that said, I can’t say I’ve followed the combine much in the past…is my assumption correct? Or is it just a small piece of it?


Do you know where we can find out who is playing in the 5v5s? I saw a mock draft recently for the first round and pretty much all but one or two of the players were not going to play in the 5v5 (this includes guys who werent even attending the combine).

If it is the case that they are basically playing 5v5 with the bottom half of the participants at the combine, it may allow them to showcase their abilities more.



DJ might be injured, but if not, it indicates that he thinks his stock is already pretty high. Makes it seem more likely he’s planning to stay in the draft, but we’ll see.


If he’s not playing 5 on 5 and Moe is, I take this 100% to mean he is gone.


Wow I’m shocked he isn’t doing every single thing at the combine that he can to try to help his stock. Definitely suggests that maybe he doesn’t care if he is a second round pick. Perhaps he only wants to be drafted and is trying to protect that. Seems foolish, if so. There is an enormous difference between first and second round picks for job security. It leads me to believe he is out the door.


I agree. Unless he’s hurt, and there’s no indication of that, there’s simply no reason not to participate. I got duped–I thought that declaring without an agent meant, given his draft projections, that he would likely base his decision on his status after the combine. Evidently not.


I am not sure how it works. If, in his mind, he is definitely going to leave Michigan, then wouldn’t he hire an agent immediately?


Truthfully, I don’t think it means anything either way. There’s really no fringe 1st rounders participating in 5x5.

Out of that list, who are the fringe people in DJ’s same position? Only one I see is Semi Ojeleye.


He’s gone.



An alternative to all other explanations of this situation… he is going to absolutely kill the measurements/athletic testing, and presumably the interview if he is focused. The only place he could actually hurt himself is in the 5x5, where he would probably need to do some pretty non-DJ things to help himself so why take that risk of getting Nigel Hayesed.

I read it as it he is trying to maximize his stock w/o taking risks and see what that nets out to, and will hire an agent if that is to his liking


JVS presents a sensible alternative – kudos. We’ll see…


Is there any way to watch the draft combine while focusing exclusively on our Michigan players? I see that ESPN2 is airing it, but that ESPN3 has many channels based on what type of event is happening (drills, jumps, etc…). So is there any detailed schedule of where Michigan players will be at which part of the combine?
Seems impossible to watch everything at the same time on one screen.


Yea, his stock will rise even more after they actually measure him. There is no way in hell DJ is only 6’9".

(Wait, did they measure him?)

Stand up straight DJ!

(Is there a major hair factor I am not accounting for?)


I completely agree with this thought. The measurable are his best asset, and there’s enough tape that the potential can be seen by any NBA team that is curious what his game looks like. But as we have seen first hand, if he disappears for stretches in that environment, it would kill his stock.


Here are the U-M measurements

Full list


It is now being reported that Wilson is not participating due to a slight injury.