DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents

Moe just followed the same path as well. Entering without an agent.

So now we wait until May 24th.

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I would strongly assume both get invited to the combine?

I’m always not too in tune with how the NBA combine operates on invites. I would imagine they both get the invite though and not left out?

Honestly I have no clue how many spots and how stingy they are with the invites.

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Same. I guess that would be our first sign then in how serious scouts/personnel are eyeing them this year.

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I want what’s best for them so I am glad they are testing the waters and will make the decision that is best for them. It is a relief and very encouraging to me that they didn’t hire an agent right off the bat. We could be special next season if they both return and I think they both will, but this is the smart move for them both and if they are guaranteed a spot in the first round I think they ought to go for it.

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If I had to guess, I’d say DJ goes, Moe stays…mainly for defensive skillset reasons.


I think both stay. This draft is way too strong and watching these two all season it’s obvious they both could use that extra year. I think they’ll get the exact same feedback from the NBA and both be locks for the first round in 2018.


Congrats to both kids, they are doing the right thing for themselves and I wish them the best!

Random question: Bamba, Johsnon, Alstork (with DJ and Moe gone) or Simmons, DJ and Wagner… which would you take?

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Here come the hot takes

Saw that, which seems VERY inaccurate. I’d say flip the Both and Neither answers and that’s more accurate.


Seems like fluff. “Quite possibly” is essentially the same as “maybe,” which seems like a pretty weak prediction. He didn’t say that “both was likely.”

1 Like has wilson going #18 to the bucks fwiw.

Bleacher report has him out of the first round.

Wagner isn’t in the first round.

Safe to say DJ has a better chance of going this year, a lot will probably depend on how he shows out at the combine.

Hypothetical, say DJ does go who are we going to be playing at the 4 next year? Livers or Robinson? Haven’t seen any prospects mentioned who could play the 4 spot besides maybe Cam Johnson but doubt he is on the market that long.

Hope if it does happen there is someone on the radar maybe a reclass.

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Cam Johnson looks like a 3/4 in this offense to me so I could definitely see that. I also wouldn’t rule out small ball four with Charles Matthews, especially if you add someone like Alstork who can fill some of the void on the wing.

I just don’t see Wilson as NBA ready which doesn’t mean he won’t go in the first round…and head to the D-League. He does seem to heed is own counsel, tough guy to read.

I agree 100%. Neither of these guys are near ready to play NBA minutes. Take this how you want. From what I have been told in recent days, this has been the plan for awhile now. Get input from NBA people and come back, improvem on those things and leave in a year. Neither guy is going to stay in the draft as projected second round picks. The more guys declaring, the better chance of them returning too. Dorsey from Oregon did today and I’d expect brooks to follow in to the draft as well. My personal opinion, I see both guys coming back. Matthews has become pretty good friends with Simpson and both have been in the ears of Wilson and Wagner. Nothing is 100% but from what I’ve heard and what I project myself, both will be in Michigan uniforms next year.


I really hope they’re both back selfishly as a fan, and I have a feeling Moe will be and DJ is 50/50. But either way if in 3 years either of them is no longer on an NBA roster and one of them left early I will be very sad. Manny Harris and DMo all over again. I just hope it works out for them whether they leave early or not.

Based off of the Dunc and Dak podcast alone, I think DJ Wilson will leave if he has reason to believe that someone will take him in the first round. Not gonna lie, think any GM that drafts him in the first round deserves to be fired based on the fact that DJ hasn’t shown consistent motor/toughness. He’d be a glorified 3 & D wing and I’m not convinced he can hit the NBA 3 ball consistently just yet. Wagner, meanwhile, I think comes back. He seems to enjoy the college atmosphere more than DJ.

I don’t think it’s unwise for either player to leave if they have a decent chance at a contract with guaranteed millions, I would do the same.