DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents


Assume this means DJ is gone

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If he indeed is leaving, then what a huge mistake by him if he doesn’t get drafted in the first round.

In addition to that, if I’m a GM, I would not touch him with a first round pick. His game is way too soft.


On a side note, Mo Bamba come on down?


I mean, maybe it was directed at Irvin and Walton who are in the picture and obviously leaving? Right? Hopefully?


Depending on what he’s hearing from NBA team officials, I don’t think it’s a mistake at all. I honestly don’t think DJ’s draft stock will be higher than it is right now. He has a “buzz” around his game and yet there’s not a ton of footage for the scouts to use to “knock him down.” If he comes back next season and only shows marginal progress then scouts will pass on him. And presuming Wagner returns & rumors of Matthews progress are correct then Wilson would again be ticketed for a supporting role in UM’s offense in '17-18.

Take the emotion of wanting what’s best for UM’s 2017-18 win-loss record out of the equation. Evaluate Wilson like he was a Indiana player or a OkSt player or a Florida St player. Best chance for Wilson to get drafted in R1 or early R2 is to come out this year off the buzz from his B1G/NCAA Tournament runs.


I disagree. He just scratched the surface of what he can do this year. I think he would come into next year with more confidence, hopefully play with a higher motor (which often comes from confidence), and have a bigger role in the offense with Walton and Irvin gone. I could easily see him averaging 15/7/2 blocks next year, and shooting in the 37-40% range from three, which would make him a solid 15-20 pick.


You realize either side of the argument works here too right? He is a borderline first round pick in a loaded draft. One more year of solid play, and a little added muscle/rebounding and he could be solidly in the first round or potentially late-lottery. Not saying one take is correct, but both could be argued.

Either way, I don’t think anyone here believes DJ is ready to contribute in a significant way for any NBA team. If he goes out it is completely based on potential down the road.


Disagree. Vehemently


FYI, these are lyrics from a J Cole song… I don’t necessarily think this means anything of note.


He’s waited this long to officially decide because he’s wanting to see what comes from the combine. If he’s waited this long and is making a decision BEFORE the combine it would only make sense if he got a first round guarantee from someone. I doubt that happened.


I agree completely. Obviously we can all look back on the draft with 20/20 hindsight and say “Oh, he should’ve done this or that” from the comfort of our couches, but a large majority of the mocks have him solidly in the first round. Without knowing exactly what the teams tell him I think it’s ridiculous to say “Oh he 100% made the wrong decision.”


What mocks still have him first round? I haven’t seen him first round in a single mock recently since they’ve been updated.


I think that mocks done before the combine, and speculation about what D.J. will do before the combine, are exercises in futility. If he plays well at the combine, he’s going to move up, and if he’s on post-combine mocks consistently as a first rounder, likely gone. If he doesn’t, he’s likely to wind up in the position Hayes, Trimble, etc. found themselves in last year after not playing well–back in school. Simple as that.



Uggghhh. The more I think about it and read I think DJ is a goner. I hope I am wrong it, but just feels like it is trending that way. Maybe he has a bad combine and decides to stay, but I will believe it when I see it.
Maybe if DJ goes we land Bamba but that seems like a slim to none bet.

So, assuming DJ goes and Bamba doesn’t come, can Mo handle the 4? Its not ideal of course, but it might be a better option than DJ or Livers, especially if Teske and/or Davis can step up and man the 5.


If DJ goes, I don’t see the 4 spot being best for Moe. I’d go with Duncan, Livers and Charles Matthews at that spot. I’d also look for some kind of a garbage man grad transfer, but that’s just me not sure what would happen.


Seems like once we took Simmons we should’ve expected dj to leave given how we’ve recruited bamba and held a scholarship for him.


He’s not a grad transfer, but it seems like Ed Morrow would fit the garbage man 4. I like his game. We probably couldnt play 5-out with him, unless JB works some serious magic, but he would bring the proven toughness/motor that we dont know if Livers will provide.


Don’t see a normal transfer as a good option (rather go after the combo forwards on U-M’s radar) and don’t see Ed Morrow as any kind of fit for Michigan other than as an undersized 5.