DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents


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Congrats to DJ. Incredible one year jump from perceived bust.
I’m not all that bummed but do think another year would have benefited him.
Opens up 30 minutes a game; let the competition begin


Wow. Bridges stays and Wilson goes. Go figure.


Trying so hard to not be salty/petty about this, but it’s really hard not to. Once again JB out-develops his recruiting. Hopefully DJ goes in the first, and we pully Iggy or a grad transfer and everyone wins.


I’d be pissed off if I was one of the three teammates who felt he was coming back. It’s one thing to leave and pursue your dream, it’s another to lead people on and make them believe you’re coming back and then leave. Real shitty thing to do.


Ah, dang it, I was sleepy when I did it, and think I used a different email. Guess I could always start another forum account.

As to DJ, while I think he has NBA talent, and declared him a future NBA’er to much ridicule early in his redshirt year, I also think he’s manifestly unready to compete at the NBA level in the near future. I think he’s going to struggle mightily. If he gets into the 1st round, he’ll have some time to work it out. If he’s in the 2nd, I think he’s going to find the professional existence and the dog eat dog world of the NBA a fairly unpleasant place.

I think he’s someone who would particularly benefit from shoring up his game before competing in a cutthroat professional environment and would really benefit from a year spent actually leading a team. He has lapses in his play, full games where he yields to frustration over a bad call or two, and seems to me to need others to help keep his focus and confidence where they need to be. He has the talent, so I hope for the best for him, but he’s a young 21 to my eye. I just don’t believe his mentality (and this is observation from afar, but his mood/confidence swings were pretty evident to anyone attuned to that sort of thing) is quite ready for the pro game.

Near impossible to turn down the first round, though, if he’s really sure it’s there for him.


Wow is all I have to say. He will get dominated by NBA power forwards hes a great athlete but just not strong enough. Will be shocked to see him go round 1. In my opinion he is going to be in the D League for a bit.


I know we are not supposed to invalidate other people’s feelings, but, I have hard time thinking your feelings are valid here–even if you were just speaking hypothetically.

The decision process is fluid. Teams are fluid.

As a fan it feels unfortunate but we should all be able to wish DJ good luck with his decision.


I wish you could go into more detail. But anyways if that’s how it went down I agree.


Also makes missing out on Mo Bamba a lot worse. He would slot right into the starting 4. :frowning:


Any other sources on the DJ news? Nothing from him yet, right?


Somewhat expected. I've heard that he has a first-round guarantee from the Utah Jazz, who have the 30th pick in the first round.

— Rod Beard (@detnewsRodBeard) May 24, 2017
If true, can't really blame DJ.


Good luck DJ!

Ignas time?


I was most worries about a first round guarantee from Utah since they have 2 first round picks and can easily make DJ a project. Best of luck to him…He performed when it mattered most and earned this. Another great example of great player development from Coach Beilein.


I hoped DJ would return and we likely would have been a much stronger team with him. That said, I cannot blame him for his choice. It sounded like he went through times where he wasn’t happy at Michigan and he is already 21 and he is injury prone. Also it’s possible he wouldn’t have made much improvement next year and his draft stock might never return to this level. (Maybe it would have improved, I’m just saying there was a risk that it wouldnt).

Sure we are a better team next year with him, but are we a better team in 2018 and beyond since he would likely leave then anyway? This unjammed the log jam and gets our younger guys more experience and playtime to keep everyone happy. Perhaps they will be more ready to succeed in 2018 with the new opportunity.

The writing was on the wall and most people thought DJ was leaving and I wish him nothing but the best. Maybe a team already promised to take him or maybe not. Maybe he sits on the bench or in the D league next year but its possible that after riding the sweet sixteen run that this is the highest his stock ever rises. We will never know, but I look forward to following his NBA career and I am super excited for next year’s Michigan team which is deep and experienced enough to make another deep tournament run. Last year at this time we didnt think we had any sure fire NBA players. Now we have Moe and Mathews (and maybe others will surprise). The future is bright, Go Blue!


I thought that getting one guy back was essential for the team to have a great shot at another special season. Obviously getting DJ back too would’ve been great, but the team is still in excellent shape for next year. Especially considering we landed Simmons.

As for judging DJ, I wouldn’t say how any players should feel without knowing the details, but as a fan while it sucks I wouldn’t blame him even if I thought it was a “bad” decision, which is far from clear. It makes it easier when I think the team will be very good again.


Stinks that I, and most Michigan fans, will remember DJ for his missed box out in the last minute-plus of our tournament loss to Oregon. Best of luck to DJ, nonetheless.


Haha - I’ll remember the 5 or 6 times I screamed at the TV throughout the season “JUST DUNK IT!!!”.
The box-out was huge and unfortunate, but I doubt 10 years from now that I personally will think of that.


I’m honestly extremely disappointed he’s not returning, and I never thought he was a huge difference maker for our team, but I will still remember him for his clutch free throws down the stretch in the tourney.