DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents



Great news that Moe is returning – was never really a question in my mind. Am I reading into it too much, or is it ominous that there are separate announcements for Moe and DJ?


DJ gone :frowning:


No press conference, but U-m wrote this story:


Great article. Refreshing prospective.


In-house article vs. having a press conference, not as refreshing.


I actually prefer the article route. I don’t really see a need for a press conference to announce that nothing is changing.


Would be nice to be able to ask Moe about the process, what he thinks about next year, what his feedback was, etc. other than what is crafted in basically a second press release.


Now that I think about it a bit more, if DJ were to be announcing that he was going pro, I would assume Michigan would announce that first (similar to how it has been done in the past, and with UCLA recently) and then announce who is returning (Moe) to soften the blow amongst fans. I could be off base with that line of thinking, who knows.




If DJ goes, I wonder if they will have Davis or Mo play spot minutes at the 4? I’m not very enthused about the prospect of Duncan/Mattews/Livers manning the 4 spot.


I hope DJ is doing his final due diligence. Very tenuous to be hanging on any assurances from someone with, say, the 30th pick. You’re one bad break from your reliance being way misplaced. Even something like Bradley staying in the draft should be inputted as new information. He may have a good word from someone higher in the draft, though, and then that is less risky. I really think he should return for the overall health of his career and long term prospects, but I certainly can’t begrudge him if he manages to get into the 1st. As always, I think it is a big mistake for a non-senior to declare and not get into the 1st round (unless there are extremely attenuating circumstances).


IMO, Davis cannot play 4. It would likely be Duncan/Livers. Iggy reclassifying and coming this summer is also a possibility.


I would put the chance of Austin Davis playing the 4 at 0%.

Moe Wagner would probably see some time there if DJ stays in, but I’m not sure it is best for him or Michigan.

Duncan, Matthews, Livers would should most of the minutes IMO.




Wow, DJ to stay in the Draft.



Massive bummer. I really hope he goes in the 1st, otherwise, I think this will not be good for his career.

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Did you use the same email in both spots?

As for DJ Wilson’s career, can’t forget that he’s 21 years old… Not getting any younger.