DJ Wilson, Moe Wagner declare for NBA Draft without agents



Says it was a down weekend for Wagner/Wilson and that Wagner would run the risk of going undrafted were he to stay in.



Center Moritz Wagner was arguably the worst player in the five-on-five portion this week. In his first game, he posted 13 points, but his team was much better when he was off the floor as he posted a minus-25 plus/minus while struggling against big men like Omer Yurtseven. Then, in the second game, he went 3 of 15 from the field as he posted a 1 for 8 mark from 3 over the two games. Every time he left the floor, his team went on a run. He also didn’t measure well, and none of his athletic testing stood out. Sometimes kids just want to be done with school, and I respect that. But if Wagner was to enter the draft, he would run the risk of going undrafted given the obvious defensive and athletic limitations he showcased not just here, but also during the entire college basketball season.


Seems accurate, minus the part about him potentially disliking school.


Any word on Simmons? I looked for combine/ measurements and did not see Simmons listed.


Simmons wasn’t invited to the combine. He’s expected in Ann Arbor and I’m guessing the hold up in announcing everything has to do with admissions and thinks of that nature. I suspect there will be one press release announcing that he’s pulling out of the draft and joining Michigan as a graduate transfer when the time comes.


Thank you!


FWIW, Chad Ford’s mock draft after the lottery has no DJ in round 1, and Moe at 30 to the Jazz:

"Wagner’s performance at the combine was a mixed bag. He hit some shots and showed off his versatility, but it was clear he wasn’t in great shape, and it looked like he ran out of gas Friday. He’s very skilled and is an appealing modern big, but the team that drafts him will have to be patient.

He’ll probably return to Michigan for his junior season, but if he decides to stay in the draft, he’d be a great get for the Jazz. And given his German passport, he can be a draft-and-stash prospect if they want him to be."


I just don’t see Moe Wagner having any interest in the draft and stash route, curious that Ford keeps bringing it up.


He’ll just remove that line later.


Moe Wagner working out for the Bucks today



Really not sure what you read from that? Am I just dense?


Presumably “it’s crazy cuz we all ways knew it was gone happen”, could mean “He’s gonna live his dream in the NBA.”

But yeah, not definitive.


Is Kam misspelling words the wrong way?


Kind of bizarre how we retrieve info these days, but honestly of everything that has come out, I think this points to DJ going pro the most. Maybe him sitting out of the Combine 5-on-5 portion as well, but it seems that was pretty legit if he had to cancel other team workouts.


I can read it many ways, including just the process has confirmed that the NBA is in DJ’s future, now or later. Both seemed to sour on Michigan, with DJ only sticking around because he didn’t want to sit another year. I’m sure there is an enormous amount of self satisfaction in going from a disillusioned bench guy to a combine invite on some first round cards.


I hadn’t ever heard that DJ and Kam soured on Michigan (although Kam it isn’t a large jump to make). I find that to be very interesting. I can’t imagine Kam knows anything that others don’t. Just have to wait and see I guess


DJ pretty much explicitly said in his interview on the Dak and Dunc show that the only reason he didn’t transfer was because he didn’t want to have to miss another year of playing. There were also mentions of various issues/altercations DJ had with Beilein, such as DJ skipping last year’s exit meeting and just heading home to California without telling people.