College Hoops Open Thread


Great story! I hadn’t seen it. Thanks for sharing! Yep, that Eli Brooks kid is something special, and so are ALL of our Wolverines! Go BLUE!!!


Wow! The way Nova has played this first 6 or 7 minutes, I think they could beat a couple of NBA teams!


Yeah so much for dome depth perception issues (Charles Barkley) . They are lights out.


Come on Jayhawks! You can do this!


Early runs are nice, but they don’t always mean victory.


Someone give Kansas their participation pins


Does Kansas feel like defending the 3? Nova has already attempted 15!


Well, here comes Kansas! 9 point run! Whoops, another three for Nova. And another!


And they’re on pace to make about 30 in this game. Lol

We are good at stopping threes, but Nova is just a great all around team


'Nova shooting 12-22 from the floor, 10-18 from deep.


How many threes did Loyola average before tonight?


Villanova looks insanely good…


What is Kansas doing? They think they’re going to come back on shots like that?


Attempted 18.6 per game for the season, made 40%. Tonight 1-10.




Not bad for our D. Looks like we’re going to be tested even more…


Really glad that we aren’t playing Nova tonight


We’ve been pretty good at preventing 3’s this year… have to think our strategy on Monday is to slow the pace down and just force them to beat us with 2’s, even if it means a few lay ups. Hopefully our offense is up for the task.


Nothing to lose at this point. I like that psychological concept


Every time Kansas looks like they might make a run, they start playing heroball and go cold.