College Hoops Open Thread


And to think that we hired Brian Ellerbe after we fired Fish…


Yes, I know the thing is that we kind of decided to commit seppuku with our program, but it’s mind boggling to me that there aren’t serious consequences for the school itself when teams get punished these days. Louisville just made a complete mockery of everything. That should leave a mark.


It’s infuriating.


We should totally have a conversation, though, about how college players should be paid to change the subject.


Mgoblog has us covered on that tonight.


I’ll pass. Although I’m fine with the topic but extremely frustrated with it when it’s used to deflect from a discussion of what should happen to people who are doing things they don’t want anyone else to find out about.


Penn State in the NIT finals…

If everyone returns they’re gonna have enough talent to be a decent seeded at large team next year. Unfortunately, I have no confidence that Chambers is smart enough to build a good offense from it and we’ll likely see a lot of street ball. They won the disappointing title of “Best kenpom team to miss the tourney” this season. Losing Garner sucks, but his usage wasn’t that high or anything. In retrospect they probably would’ve wanted to grab a forward/center in this class…


OSU --> Cuse --> G League


The expansion of the G League to an actual minor league option is going to be great for players, the NBA and college ball IMO. NBA needs to continue to throw resources into it and hopefully change their draft rules with it in mind.


I really don’t get the appeal of going to the G league out of high school as currently instituted. I would imagine Cuse boosters can pay more than 25k and the G League team/coaching staff doesn’t have much incentive to invest in you since they don’t have your draft rights


Isn’t the G League salary at least potentially higher than 25K? Also, accepting cash from boosters might not seem as risk free as it once did. Bowen’s stock didn’t exactly soar this year. And in the G League he gets to practice and play hoops full time – and the coaches there probably want NBA jobs, so they do have incentive to improve potential NBA talent and ingratiate themselves to potential NBA stars.

Personally, I’d rather live it up in college. But maybe he saw Syracuse’s offense.


Nope on the salary

“Part of the challenge for the D-League is its comparatively low salary structure. D-League players earn one of two salaries—$19,500 or $26,000—for the six-month D-League season”


Agents would be able to loan him money though right?

So train/play in the summer. Fall camp and winter season with g league team (paid) then into the draft. Maybe he really doesn’t want to do schoolwork, just be a basketball player.


I applaud him for it.


He can take all the money he can get from shady agents though.

It could turn into an inflection point for the G-League though. If more follow the interest will go up and eventually the salaries. $26K is a pittance though. I imagine he’d want to stay close to home.


First I’ve seen of Wagner as a 1st round pick.
Don’t know anything about credibility of this site.

Wagner coming in at 20


No offense to that person, but that is an awful mock draft. I looked at the whole thing and he basically left off any non Major conference guy off the draft entirely, not mentioning some other massive mistakes.


Not sure if any of you guys have been following, but the 3x3 tournament started last night. One team from each conference. We had some discussion about who we would have on our Big Ten team. The B1G team of V. Edwards, J. Tate, N. Mason, and R. Johnson(subbed for McIntosh after he backed out, a good thing for their team) just went 3-0 in Pool Play and is headed to the quarterfinals.


Found this in our discussion of the B1G 3x3 team. Good call @therealmirman!