College Hoops Open Thread


Kansas just looks so defeated these last five minutes. There was plenty of time left but everything on offense has been desperation and their defense has quit.


This game is one the clearest examples of the importance of the three point shot. Total number of shots, rebounds, turnovers are all relatively even. Kansas has attempted 15 more free throws than nova. But villanova has out scored Kansas by 36 at the three point line.



Let’s run them off the line and see what happens. Easier said than done


Think at one point in the game, Kansas had 45 points and Villanova had 48 just on three pointers.


Kansas only losing by 16 in that game is actually a moral victory for them.


Insane. I have no idea how we will be able to win the 3 point attempt margin game here. They seem to take 30+ threes with ease every game. Hopefully they get a little spooked by how well we contest early but they seem fully capable of winning the areas we usually win


Texas tech limited them to 4/24. Didn’t watch that game that closely but maybe a good game to scout to see if there was anything in that from tt.


I’m already pissed that the experts have us too low. 23rd??? Thou shalt not doubt the drip boys


I’m not too mad at it. I think we should probably be a little higher, but we are losing 3 starters (including Robinson as a starter) based on their projections.

not sure how you can look at MSU’s roster next year and put them at 11. Might be an overestimation of their recruiting class just based on the rankings?


Yeah they have a team that’s going to start Kenny Goins at the 4 ranked 11th.

I guess if people think Michigan is going to be 23rd next year, they must not have much belief in Teske and Poole to become key contributors. I’d have to believe a Simpson, Matthews, Teske primary group would be top 5-10 defensively.

I’m convinced Poole, Matthews, Iggy, Johns, Livers will be the best group of wings in the country anywhere except Duke next season.


Outsiders are not going to predict much from Teske, or big improvements from Poole/Livers, and our class isn’t top 10 so people will mostly dismiss the freshman initially. Having MSU in the top 15 is indefensible though. Especially with no Ward


Don’t forget, a disrespected Simpson is the best Simpson.


They project Ward back


I just read on the B1G thread that Jackson declared for the draft. Has he signed with an agent? Buckets12? Just before I saw that I was going to say if Jackson stayed for another year under Izzo, he’s an idiot, but my wife HATES it when I refer to people as idiots, so I didn’t post it. Edit: Just read on State News that he is expected to sign with an agent. His statement was very well written and reasoned. He is certainly NOT an idiot. Even though I’m a guy who believes kids should stay in college because I’m a huge believer in the notion of “scholar athletes,” This was really the only decision he could have made. I wish him all the best. Seems like an intelligent young man.


There would be so many programs that would love to have Ward, if he were to transfer. Imagine a team like Houston with Ward in that lineup, for just one example.


I believe he will sign with an agent. He didn’t specify, but he said he will “Kiss the spartan helmet” so he’s definitely gone


Or, he could stay at State, become a senior in two more years, be surpassed by a younger more talented player, but still play more minutes than the more talented player because that’s what Izzo does! :laughing:


They must not be projecting Wagner back I take it.


I won’t read this on principle – can’t do it before the finals. Just wait until the next day.