College Hoops Open Thread


I’m confident we will prove the preseason rankings wrong again next year.


I glanced at Hammer and Rails. It seems that Painter has gotten a little stale for some of them. One complaint that some are making is that he’s not just 0-4 in the Sweet 16 but all four losses have been by double-digits, and the Kansas loss last year was a total rout. I can see how that would be frustrating. When we’ve been eliminated under Beilein, it’s consistently been in close, winnable games. To get run off the court is tough - you feel like your team wasn’t ready to play.

But Painter is definitely an above-average coach and even if he has a ceiling, they could do much worse. They’re kind of where we were in football in the later Carr years. You want more, but you could get much less.


That’s tough. I feel like what we’ve seen in both hoop and football is that if you have a coach who sort of succeeds but doesn’t excel you can remain in limbo for a very long time. And if you change you can fall into the abyss. Because. . . how many genius overachiever coaches are out there? And how many of those have all the other skills administrators look for in a hire?


Congrats to Ferris St. on winning the DII National Title. Entertaining game.


Not to get ahead of myself here…but Loyola would be a very interesting matchup. Similar tempo and style. Their big man Krutwig could not guard Moe for one second but they went small and played 5 guards last game down the stretch and I assume we would see a bunch of that


I havnt really cared much about who the future matchup for Michigan would be in this tournament, but there is no question in my mind that we want kstate to win this game.


Everybody in the arena that wasn’t a Michigan fan would galvanize behind the Ramblers at FF if we both got there.


Well that will do it. It will be Loyola in the final four if Michigan wins tonight.


This. But I think some (Moe and JP) would LOVE being the hated.


If Texas Tech could make a layup they’d be right in this.



Some crazy guy wrote this in response:

Look…I’m purely a fan of GREAT coaching. Beilein is NOT one of them. You don’t see him making his players constantly think. Coach K…Bill Self…Matt Painter…these kind of guys are always making adjustments pushing players to NEVER give up on any play.

Are you kidding me?


This is a gem too.

Lmao, Dan loves loves loves Beilein


Yeah, we sure have “recruiting advantages” against all the schools using bagmen…


This Duke-Kansas game is everything you could ask for from a Duke-Kansas game. Really fun game to watch so far, though somewhat sloppy.


Yes, quite a game!


I’m so f***ing glad Grayson Allen’s would be game winner didn’t go in. I would not be able to take that.


Bill Self teams always seem to choke in these situations. But for once, I hope they fricking win. Screw duke


I don’t like Grayson Allen either but props to him for wanting the ball in the waning minutes. He’s like MAAR


Yeah, gotta root for Kansas. I’d much rather face Self than K.