College Hoops Open Thread


I think Purdue just didn’t have enough shot creators outside of Carsen Edwards. And when Haas went down, they lost the ability to just throw it inside and let him create a shot on his own.


TT was a good team that hit a swoon because Evans was injured, so it’s not a shocking result, especially considering Haas was injured. Purdue coughed up a lot of TOs. Generally, they’re very TO averse, but (a) everyone has bad days, and (b) it’s one thing not to do anything dumb and another to handle pressure. That’s definitely a concern for UM tonight. Also, TT hit several long 2-point jumpers from guys that PU could live with taking them, like Justin Gray. Stuff happens.


Not to be negative but ultimately a wasted year for Purdue. No Big Ten championship, tournament championship or Final Four.


Not even able to get their first elite 8 since 2000. Just a rough year particularly when you lose 4 seniors.


It sort of feels like Painter just had his 3 year run kinda similar to JB’s 3 years with THJ where he finally got some elite talent and a year with some quality upperclassmen, he just couldn’t capitalize to the point of a national title appearance like JB did. I’ll be really curious to see where they go from here. Carsen Edwards, Haarms, Nojel Eastern, Cline and Eifert is an interesting group to bring back. They have a decent class coming in but no one I would expect to be instant impact.


Not a wasted year, but certainly not much to show for their efforts other than a very good record. It is a bad break to lose a key player anytime, but when it happens late in the year, it doesn’t give you time to compensate.
Similar misfortune for Gonzaga.


Pretty good run for those PU seniors - 53 big ten regular season wins, including 29 in the last two years, plus two sweet 16s and a big ten title. But, yeah, a sweet 16 this year without any banners probably feels a little unsatisfying.

Painter also had a really good run with the Hummel, Moore, Johnson group. He’s still only 47. He may be a bit up and down, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a nice long run at PU.


Texas Tech’s defense impressed me. Really got after it on the perimeter. That’s a good team.


My last comment got me thinking, man JB has this program in a great position compared to everyone else in the Big Ten.

Purdue will need a near total rebuild outside of Carsen Edwards.

Ohio State loses Tate, Kam Williams, and probably KBD. I trust they will continue to be good with Holtmann but wouldn’t be surprised if they took a step back next year and I don’t see any star recruits.

Michigan State’s five star experiment should finally be over if Bridges and JJJ leave. Ward, Winston and Langford will make up a quality core for sure (that is if they all return) but I really think Izzo’s playing time nonsense is going to catch up to him on the recruiting trail now. Bingham and Loyer are their big prizes but I wouldn’t take any of those guys over Johns, Iggy, Dejulius.

Indiana should be on the rise but a few years away with Jerome Hunter, Damezi Anderson coming in. They could be decent if Juwan Morgan returns but Robert Johnson is gone.

Teams like Minnesota and Northwestern have to completely rebuild their rosters (Lol)

Penn State and Nebraska could have big years if everyone comes back (I can’t believe I’m even typing this). But it should be one year of relevance for both and then back to the typical state of their programs.

I am just so excited about where JB has this program at. I’ve had the feeling all year that next season would be special. It’s the same feeling I had when Stu and Zack were seniors and Trey was a freshman. One year away. And JB might just do it a year early.


I guess “wasted” is all just opinion. If Burke doesn’t hit that shot I would argue 2012-13 would’ve been a wasted year.

When you have that much talent, it’d be nice to have something to show for it. Nobody remembers the record. It’s banners or tournament runs in my opinion.


Don’t forget OSU also loses Dakich.


This was definitely a missed opportunity for Purdue. With the team they had they should have earned a banner. Still don’t know how they let the B1G regular-season title slip through their fingers. Losing at MSU in the final seconds is one thing, but they should not have blown that big lead at home against OSU or lost to Wisconsin.


But I do wonder if this is their ceiling. Painter hasn’t been able to get past the Sweet 16, but maybe thats as good as it gets with him. Compete for the B1G/upper-tier B1G team and advance past the 1st weekend.

This is probably as good of a team they will have, unless I am missing something with their recruiting moving forward. It would be a mistake to move on from Painter, not saying that would be a good idea, but as a program maybe this is what they should be expect more often than not.


Sure seems like if not this year, it probably won’t happen.

In my crappy fan opinion, I wasn’t high on them even with Haas. I figured they’d lose in round 2 or here. However, I do think they probably win last night with Haas.

Still, Painter didn’t raise them a banner even when Haas was healthy. Just can’t see another opportunity like that again for Purdue. Seniors, experience and nothing to remember for it.


They had several good teams with the Hummel, JaJuan Johnson teams. I don’t see any reason they can’t have a team as good as those or this one.

It’s not gonna happen regularly because only a couple programs regularly have teams like that, but that’s two really good groups and about 4 very good teams in a 10 year span while only missing the tournament twice in that span. Definitely as good as Purdue could expect, imo.


For me the story kind of ends with the loss of their most dominant player. When he was dominating inside and they were hitting from outside, at–what–the two-thirds point of the season, people were speculating that they were the country’s best team.


My thing is they blew it with him when he was healthy. You’re a Senior-laden team, don’t lose to Wisconsin and Ohio St with a chance to hang a conference championship banner. Wasted a huge opportunity. Reminds me of the 2016 Michigan football season in a way.


Purdue was great when all 4 of the seniors were healthy. Edwards got hurt coming down the stretch of the B1G schedule; he may or may not have been completely healthy for the NCAA, but then Haas went down. One complaint that could be made about Painter was that he didn’t develop enough depth, but I can only imagine the second-guessing if the scrubs lost games that the starters were winning.

Of course they were slightly less great when the B1G decided to stay with their shooters instead of selling out to stop Haas in the post. I’m sure Villanova would have done the same, but I don’t know if other coaches in their region would have had the nerve to watch Haas score at will.

I read Hammer & Rails sometimes and am surprised at how many people call for Painter’s head. 10 NCAA bids in 13 seasons is not bad at all. The environment is tough, of course - in order to be considered a success, he would need to stay ahead of IU and Notre Dame and Butler in addition to getting to a Final Four.

Anyway, yeah, they’ll look different next year - I’m not sure I can wrap my head around a 6’6" point guard playing next to a 6’0" shooting guard…


Great point. I forgot Edwards missed some time. He looked great against Butler though.

Overall, yeah definitely no qualms with Painter on my end. Good coach running a good program.

I would just want more as a fan this year. Too much experience and talent with nothing to show for it. I fully see why they’re pissed or upset. Although I don’t know what they expected after Haas got injured. I assume they’re more upset they didn’t achieve anything worthy in the Big Ten.


I cant find the DraftExpress top 40, to know if it includes Moe. In a different tweet, Kenpom linked as the draft ranking that he used, which has Moe outside of the top 40. Also realized this ESPN link is from November of 2017, so…

Maryland being the only B1G team is surprising. Again, I dont know if draft rankings Kenpom used, but the ESPN insider article has Justin Jackson as a lotto pick, so he doesn’t even factor in.