College Hoops Open Thread


Terrible call and I hate Duke


Wow, Carter just got totally screwed. Shameful call.


Make up for all the generous charges awarded to them all these years. At least that’s what my 12 year old self is telling me lol


I hate block/charge call so much. Has to be a better way to officiate those calls and hopefully lead towards getting the play out of the game altogether.

I would vote for if the offensive player is under control, it’s not a charge no matter what. It’s only a block if the defender clearly arrived after the offensive player left his feet. Everything else no call. Maybe over time we see less guys flopping and trying to draw charges and we see more under control drives.


Think it’s tecvnically off Duke, but it’s a lot like the Matthews-Purdue situation. Though Duke never had full control of the ball so I won’t feel bad for them


And another dumb review. Another rule change: if a player has the ball in his hands and an opposing player knocks it out of his hands and out of bounds. It’s always the possession of the team that had the ball unless the ball hits a different part of the players body or he reaches out and touches it again after the opposing player knocks it out. Enough of this slow mo, whose finger nail grazed the ball last.


Should be a time limit on making a call. If it’s this close it’s not incontrovertible


Duke for some reason jacking up threes. There was plenty of time left. And a horrible turnover by Bagley ends it


Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk.


Allen missing two great looks to end his career is just how it should be


I have no idea how there isn’t. The reviews ruin the momentum of great games all the time


Duke has just crumbled to pieces. Not that I’m complaining.


Where is Leonard Hamilton when you need him.


Damn it, spoke too soon


Good to see the team that was probably the toughest match up for Michigan out.


Coach K looks old, decrepit, and angry


All four teams left only play one big at a time. Signs of the change of times.

And yet I still expect Izzo to start a lineup of Winston-Langford-Tillman-Kithier-Ward next year lol.


I think both Michigan and Loyola would beat Kansas. Villanova scares the heebie jeebies out of me


Simpson vs. Brunson would be epic. I think the game itself would be a classic as well. Similar styles/matchups. Jay Wright isn’t a dolt and can scheme with Beilein. I am rooting hard for Kansas though. I would love to see Wagner bust up Azubuike.


Nova plays two bigs.