College Hoops Open Thread


Make FSU play half court offense - that will be the key. And then board and hit a decent amount of 3s, and UM should have a great chance.


FYI we got a “young” and “inexperienced” mentioned by Calipari! Never fails after a loss.


We’ve got the highest probability of reaching the final 4 in 538’s model.


Never fails after a win either, or at half time, or while he’s recruiting. “You know, last year we were just too young and inexperienced but if you play for me I can still have that excuse and you can go pro and I’ll find my next excuse, I mean 5 star the next year!”


this is one dude that beilein doesn’t sit next to when he’s on the road.


Pretty funny that Loyola couldn’t crack the top 100 of kenpom 5 games into their conference season. Now they’re favored by the same rankings in an elite 8 game vs a Big 12 team.


“Young and inexperienced?” That’s who you f^*k#n’ recruit, Calipari! You recruit young, inexperienced FIVE STAR “one and dones”! Don’t you dare play that card now! :grinning:


Right?! Never stops him though. The absolute worst part I cannot stand, is how nobody in the media has ever called him out for it.


It makes absolutely no sense. He specifically assembles his rosters that way every year. His whole sales pitch is that they only have to be there one year before they’re ready for the pros!


Damn, Donnal is just getting abused down low by Azubuike.


Is there any way to re watch ANY of the tournament games?


Nope. Just have to see if you can find something uploaded online by a 3rd party. A&M game is here:


Torrents usually get posted to mgoblog the day after, at least last year.


I hate watching WVU play. They just foul you every time down the floor and just dare refs to call it or not.


The Duke players all just slapped the floor on defense…They play a zone. My god.



Purdue really seems out of it tonight. Taking a lot of poor shots.


This is a game i think Purdue wins easily with Haas. Too bad.


Something is just off with Purdue. Even without Haas, they could easily be ahead. They’re making uncharacteristic mistakes.


This did not seem to be the same Purdue team at the end of the season, even before Haas went out. Fatigue?