College Hoops Open Thread


Very well said. I agree.


Kansas St out to a great start



Im really rooting against Kentucky. They’ll push the price up of Final 4 tickets. Oh my god that feels good to type being only one game away!


Killian Tillie out for Gonzaga tonight. That would be a huge loss


Do we want FSU over the Zags?



I think Gonzaga is the only team left in our half of the bracket that could beat us even if we have a solid game. I’m confident in beating the other teams unless we have a complete dud


Do we match up better? I haven’t seen either team all year. Watching a bit right now and FSU looks pretty athletic?


Texas A&M is athletic…


100% we want Florida State


Thought so - just wanted to make sure :wink:


Seriously the thought of a: Montana, Houston, Texas A&M, Florida State, Kansas State/Loyola run to the national championship game is the stuff fairytales are made of


was just about to type about Bruce weber falling asleep on the sidelines while his team implodes, then a big and-1 temporarily bails him out. Can ksu hold on?


And if you ever wondered if home court mattered in college basketball, U.K. V ksu exhibit a. Refs heavily influenced by huge pro uk fan advantage calling everything at one end. Then obviously realizing they made a bunch of bad calls call uk for some random touch foul to try and even it out. But it’s pretty much a given that if the ball gets inside the three point line at kentuckys end, it will be a foul on ksu.


Hahaha. Bye Kentucky. Couldn’t have happened to a sleazier coach


They were just too young and inexperienced!


This is wild. Our road to the national title game is looking like a 9 seed (FSU) and then either a 9 (KSU) or 11 (Loyola-Chi).


I love seeing Loyola do well, but I’m terrified of Sister Jean’s powers and would rather not face them lol


I want to put the holy rollers back in their place. I can’t believe how this bracket is breaking!


Was mainly watching ksu game, but from what I’ve seen fsu looks a lot like Nebraska? Not sure that’s the right comp? But a lot of good athletes that can attack off the dribble and defend multiple positions.