College Hoops Open Thread


Chaminade currently beating Cal by double digits.


Holy crap, “double digits” might be underselling 97-67 lol


Have a day, Chaminade.

56% (14-25) from deep, better than they shot from 2 and nearly as good as they shot from the line (60%!).


#1 shot the lights out, kid was calling for the ball the second he went down the floor. Finished 7-of-10 from three.


I was impressed with #1 yesterday he’s tiny but can play. Give him an inch and he can get his shot off


Glad we didn’t catch that version of them. Yikes.


Watching Texas vs Gonzaga and they like to go two bigs. For those wanting to see Mo and Teske on the floor together, that might be the game we see it for the first time.


Unbelievable melt down by Gonzaga against the Texas press. Heading to OT.


Florida duke matchup is awesome. Really like this Florida team on the offensive end. Very similar to a beilein team. Bagley for duke is unstoppable. Both teams look like final four type teams if they can figure out how to play decent defense.


Ay yi yi, did Florida fold. Duke puts pressure on you all game with all that talent, and it wore Florida down, but good Lord.

Florida had like three turnovers that led to fast breaks that were almost like them handing the ball to the Duke defender. I don’t know what the hell that last play was supposed to be. Also, Coach K screaming profanities in the ref’s face for calling a charge against Duke really paid off on what should have been a charge and Carter’s 5th foul. Huge play in that game.


Duke looks really good with comeback wins over several good teams. They are very young and should keep getting better.


Elsewhere in college hoops…


Wow. Love Chris Mack’s response


That UC/X game routinely seems to be the nastiest game in college hoops.


I don’t think there’s a rivalry in either of the main sports in which the teams and fans hate each other more than those two do.


Seth Towns with 25 for Harvard in loss to Kentucky today. 6/7 from three.


Maryland at Illinois game has been incredible for awful reasons. Goodness that was a clinic coaches can show their teams on how NOT to play close games



Oh good! Just the news we needed today!


Here’s the key to the Michigan/Texas game: First team to go up by 15+ loses.

Both teams can’t hold onto large leads early in this season.