College Hoops Open Thread


It’s pretty great that these kids stole things, in a foreign country, and get an ‘indefinite’ suspension per the school. Mitch smokes a blunt while he’s out injured, get’s a half-season suspension per the NCAA. Ugh


Were the three suspended UCLA players supposed to be contributors this season? I think Ball was for sure…


Not in the way that Lonzo was last year. Riley and Hill were like top-75 recruits and LiAngelo might have been a shooter off the bench (more like a 250ish recruit).

They have two five-star freshmen in Kris Wilkes and Jaylen Hands who are key and then you might remember Aaron Holiday, now a junior, after he hit all those threes vs. UM last year.


I wouldn’t bet on it. Our game is just when their schedule starts getting tougher. Everything up to then is a cupcake, and they have us, Cincinnati and Kentucky in the space of 2 weeks. I doubt Alford is stupid enough to reinstate them the day before the Kentucky game.


It would be a disgrace if any of those guys play this year. They’d be in a Chinese prison for years if not for their high profile status as college basketball players and had to be released at the request of the US president… If that isn’t enough for ATLEAST year-long discipline, then what the hell is?


Your logic is 100% correct. The issue is the NCAA does not follow logic, and UCLA will likely fold and let them play early rather than do the right thing.


Xavier vs. Wisconsin at 8:30 is going to clear up a lot about where Wisconsin stands in the Big Ten.


Not sure where to put this but we all have our favorite recruits we argue over on here. I like livers a lot and was a huge fan of Kyle young too but I think my favorite 17 recruit/ semi target was Donnie Tillman. I see big things for him/ thought he’d be a monster for us. Just checked in on him and after a dud first game he had 13 in a blowout and currently has 13 at halftime against Missouri. I think he’s gonna be a stud. I have faith in livers and think he is gonna end up being good sooner than later but man we could use donnies toughness and strength downlow right now. Add to the fact that he just knows how to create and get buckets. Fun kid to watch.


Happ is still my favorite non-UM player. Such a great two-way player; his game is so endearing


Man, Trice is horrible


Trevon Bluiett: scoring assassin.


LSU has achieved 1.47 PPP this season through their two games. Obviously a competition caveat applies, but it’ll be interesting to see how our defense holds up (An unsustainable 3pt% of .452 props that up).


Sort of hard to tell looking at the stats what they’ve done well except shoot the heck out of the ball and win the TO battle. Probably won’t do the latter against Michigan (at least not so dramatically) and hopefully won’t do the former as well either.


I wish I was as confident as you there :upside_down_face:


Well, “hopefully” doesn’t necessarily mean I’m confident about it…

Although, one amazing stat - Michigan is currently 42nd in the country in 2pt% allowed (at under 40% – well, 39.8%).


One magical year our 3pt% against luck will change. Looks like Stauskas’ sophomore year is the last time we were in the top 150


Anyone know what’s going on with Bacari Alexander?


Cal is up 9 over Wichita State at half. A California win would make tonight’s LSU game VERY important. If we lost we’d probably be looking at an 0-2 trip against D1 teams and a useless win against Chaminade.


This is too bad


Dang, this is too bad. I was really looking forward to watching him play. Seems like a special talent