College Hoops Open Thread


Nebraska beats Minnesota by 10.


Bacari is back


Glad to see this. Just in time for our game. Will be fun catching up with him and Kam. Hopefully a different result than our last reunion.


MSU’s signature victory against Notre Dame sure didn’t last long.


Not sure that Notre Dame getting upset means that MSU’s win over the Irish is significantly less impressive. ND is a good team.


I mean they’re a decent team, sure. They’re not top 20 kenpom and they only have 1 good win though.


MSU about to start the killer part of that daunting schedule that Izzo gets so much credit for playing every year.

12/16/17 vs. Oakland


Arizona St up by 11 with 10 to go at Kansas.

I don’t know exactly what Bill Self coaches his team. They don’t seem to hve a strategy other than, “Hey, go play better than the other team.”


Pretty shocking for a top 10 team to lose by 10 on their home floor, especially Kansas.


Watching UNC again, Kenny Williams is a guy we were involved in that I really wish we had somehow gotten. Averaging 13 points per game shooting 54% from three this season as a junior. I think he would have thrived in JB’s system


There’s a long list of players who we missed on.


And Wofford beats UNC in Chapel Hill. How bout that?


(Might be why it’s a good idea to play +200 RPI games over the holidays)


Yup I never want to hear about scheduling RPI 150 teams again.


Ahmed Hill from VT is the one I wish we had the most. He’s a beast.


I believe it’s statistically better in the RPI for us to go 2-1 versus 150-200 teams than to go 3-0 versus sub 300 teams per analysis by some guy in mgoblog maybe a week ago or so


I assume you’re talking about this:

It makes no mention of what would happen if we lost a 150-200 game.

edit: not to mention that the committee also looks at stuff like “bad losses” to teams not in the top 100 or whatever when comparing teams for seeds just as much as they do pure ranking.


A lot of miracle shots by Wofford. By the time UNC looked interested it was too late.


Apparently you’ve got it wrong. A guy in the thread runs that scenario - we lose one and go 2-1 in those three games - and our RPI still comes out higher than if we go 3-0 against these sub 300’s.

The comments in that thread, in general, are an interesting read.

Because the real question is how much does RPI matter to the Committee at this point vs. KenPom, etc.

I can think of examples that suggest they are wedded to the former less and less.


But again, it shows up as a “bad loss” when the committee uses those dumb team comparison sheets for seeding.