College Hoops Open Thread


Here’s an interesting stat I just found. Kentucky is 3rd in the country at 3P% defense (29.7%), but they are 307th in the country at 3PA/FGA defense (42.1%). Are they just lucky and are actually a much worse team than they appear on the surface? Or is there something to all that athleticism and length being able to better contest perimeter jumpers?


Gasaway had a thing about this recently. His conclusion was that it was probably more luck because KY’s opponents are shooting well from 2 against them and the SEC is a bad 3-pt shooting league in general this year.


Hah, that’s perfect. Mark UK up as another good matchup.


Complete melt by Tommy Amaker and Harvard. 22-0 Penn run.


Towns with about 5 minutes of awful play to start the half.


This game is wild… Towns goes down with a knee injury and now Harvard on an 11-0 run.


Penn holds on.
Brings back memories of Penn making Final Four in ‘79 only to get destroyed by Michigan State and Magic Johnson. I think it was something like 51-18 at halftime.

LaPhonso Ellis has M a 2 seed. I like him


An Amaker team falling apart when on the brink of the tourney brings back some unpleasant memories.


Kentucky led 33-16 with 4:31 to play in the first half. Tennessee leads 41-38 with 16:34 to play in the second half. 25-5 run for the Vols.


I was like 10 years old for that 2006 Minnesota game in the B1G tourney and it still pisses me off


I was at the IU home game that year. Senior day, a chance to nail down a tourney bid against a so-so opponent. And we blew it. Horton (or Harris?) missed in the final seconds and we lost by 2. That was probably Amaker’s best team at Michigan and absolutely was tourney-caliber. I remember walking out of Crisler thinking Amaker might not work out as our coach…


Great, smart D by Davidson not allowing EC Matthews to go left. Well earned victory. Not a team I’d like to see M face


Davidson stole a bid from someone


I think Cincinnati v Houston would be a good game if either team could make a basket.


Somehow I had missed that Kelvin Sampson was back in college basketball.

Someone tell me about the pathology of Brian Bowen and Miles Bridges again…


So either Michigan or Michigan State is going to be a 4? That might not be the worst thing right now.


Auburn could fall, right?

Edit: I think I missed a bracket never mind, coming late to this has confused me.


Apparently Matta and Crean are finalists for the Georgia job.


Interesting, considering that it seems like it’s being viewed as primarily a recruiting job and that this is where Fox fell short… those guys certainly have experience being the big school in a hotbed of talent state


Matta has had some success recruiting in the SE - Scott, Giddens, Jackson, Lyle and Russell.

Crean was mostly focused on MW and East Coast prep schools