College Hoops Open Thread


Funny to say that Crean and Matta failed because of recruiting when they probably recruited almost half of the top 20 players to play in the Big Ten over the last decade.


Wasn’t he saying Georgia’s coach failed at recruiting, not Crean or Matta?


I could see them both doing well there, and if Matta is healthy and rested after a year away, he could be a great hire. Maybe he’ll sneak a couple recruits out of Ohio away from OSU.


Ah yeah, misread that I guess.


I selfishly hope Crean gets passed over so he can continue announcing.


I think that Matta will get the Georgia job. Matta recruited miraculously in a football school, too well that he passed on Trey Burke. I always suspect that he was dirty but if so he never get caught, even the latest rumors from FBI investigation has no where to find his name.


Crean is a better fit at UConn, although they likely will get Dan Hurley from URI.


I don’t think what’s wrong with Matta gets fixed with time off. He will be refreshed, but that sounded like a lifetime limitation with the leg. Not to be anti-folks with a disability at all, just don’t think he’ll ever be “healthy.”


So, does Kris Wilkes go on “The List” with Battle and Bamba?


I am so used to rooting for UCLA that I have to remind myself I no longer give a rip.

(or an RPI)


Such a perfect JB 4. Wish we could’ve Alford-ed him :smirk:


…or an R.I.P. since their tourney journey is D.O.A.

Nice coaching by Alford. Digging deep into the playbook for the 1-on-5 offense down the stretch.


He’s such a terrible coach. Kids, stop committing to mediocre/terrible coaches.


Those guys with the classic great recruiter / poor coach combination always make me shake my head.


It shows you what appeals to 17 year old kids. It seems very few look at things like coaching ability, game management or player development.


This is true, but I think parents get bamboozled as well at times.
(Looking at you, Tyus Battle’s dad! My beef with you is not even close to done! :grinning:)


I hear you. But, despite all the guys we missed on, we ended up with a pretty good team didn’t we?


Filled with guys who ran through the doors for Michigan, as Coach likes to say.


Who says he got bamboozled? I have a feeling he got exactly what he was looking for.


Great point. +1 to you!