College Hoops Open Thread


That’s my nightmare scenario - 4 seed in Boise with Gonzaga as the 5 and with Nova the 1 and Duke the 2.


Me too. You’ve probably watched a lot more UVA than I have, but I’ve seen the most success when teams get into the paint and then kick out or get lots of motion away from the ball – both things JB can orchestrate. I also wonder how well they’d handle a big man like Wagner who can shoot from 3 and a team that doesn’t turn the ball over. We’d have to hit some 3s, but we might be a fairly bad matchup for them.


Harvard up 18 in Cornell. Could be another NCAA berth for Amaker. Will probably play Penn tomorrow, who they split in the regular season


I’d much rather play UNC than UVA. I feel confident in a strength vs strength matchup (OREB vs DREB and Transition O v D)


This Kentucky game is brutal. Alabama looks completely gassed. They’ll have to magically rejuvenate at half time or this is over.

Kentucky played horribly for most of the 1st half but finally began making some shots.

They’re tough on defense but their offense is so iffy.

Blech, Bama still looks dead in the 2nd half.


Tennessee is on fire. Arkansas is not and has had hideous turnover after hideous turnover. Rooting for Arkansas here has been no fun.


The one I really want to see lose is West Virginia. I don’t want them getting a signature win over Kansas when they’re not that far behind us on the Matrix.

Wichita losing would be nice as well.


Great win by Houston. Was worried that was being too optimistic to hope Wichita went down, but Houston is a good team. That Gray kid is something else. A ton of really good basketball being played this week.

Rooting hard for Kansas, but it may be a tall order with their C out. Should be a tight game.


KU-WVU should be a close game. Would love to play the Mountaineers. Just don’t play dumb and we would win comfortably.


I should have finished off my thought - I worried about KU without their center being able to contain Konate. He is a monster. He’s not just a very good shot blocker - he’s extraordinary.

Man, it is raining threes in this game!


Vick is talented, but he plays so dumb. He keeps leaving Miles open from 3 - every time WVU needs a big bucket, Vick gets caught being lazy closing him out.


So barring a major surprise, we’ll be a 3 seed. I’ll take it.


WVU did not do a great job defending the perimeter, but, boy KU really got the 3 ball working. Some of those looked like pretty tight spots and they kept knocking them down. It’s incredible how well kids shoot it these days.


Toledo-Buffalo has been a good game. Toledo hasn’t been since 1980. Second longest drought in MAC, next to BGSU (1968).

On top of that, a Toledo HS (boys or girls) hasn’t won a state title in any division since 1989 IIRC. When Jim Jackson was at Macomber HS, which doesn’t exist anymore.

Tough for hoops in NW Ohio


Houston’s been overlooked IMO. Quietly up to 17 on Kenpom.

edit: Apparently also 21 in the AP poll so not that overlooked, but I still hardly see them get mentioned.


Haven’t paid attention to them at all, so I was surprised to see Sampson on the sideline. And also that they were comfortably in the tourney regardless of the outcome of the game today. Don’t pay attention to the entire landscape like I used to


Good lord, Lavin all in on the “great life lessons” of “being under FBI investigation and persevering.”

If I have to listen to a solid three weeks of these idiots talking about the grit and gumption of being dirty and cheating but dad gummit persevering, I swear I’m going to stab somebody in the neck.


Steve Lavin also said Arizona should get a 1 seed, but will probably be a 2. He’s full of gems tonight


Seriously, this has been an awesome Championship Week - the only downside has been the relentless conference salesmanship, which really got annoying.

Also, I need to see Purdue vs. Arizona II and Haas vs. Ayton in the tournament. Ayton is worth every penny.


Houston is a dangerous team. Rob Gray is a stud.