College Hoops Open Thread


I’m assuming everyone is watching, just doing it away from the forum. If you love college basketball and you missed today, you’ve missed one hell of a day.


Dammit, down 1, Holiday beats his man and drives the lane, Ristic not called for the foul. Not clean, imo. Ristic pretended to jump straight up but he was moving his body forward. Big call.


Argh, Arizona breaks the tie and goes up 67-65 on a possession where UCLA just could not grab the defensive rebound. Two tries, but first Ristic gets an OReb, and then Ayton just too much at the rim.


Tied at 67.

4.3 seconds left.

Hard to believe they won’t just go to Ayton here. UCLA has to figure out a way to make someone else beat them. Could be Ristic if they do stop the entry to Ayton though.

Wow, Alkins with a terrible travel, change in possession - they should have changed it from 1.9 left to 2.1, but didn’t - still Holiday gets a decent look from deep 3 and it clangs off the rim.


Ayton 5 - UCLA 0 in OT

scratch that Ayton 7 - UCLA 0, and out of magic.

That should do it. Bummer.

(Actually, I didn’t realize Ayton has scored the last 13 for Arizona) (this is done)


Unbelievable melt down by UNC in final 5 minutes, but they hang on to beat Duke.


Just your average “don’t score any points until an intentional foul for 5:30 to end the game and scare the crap out of UNC fans” experience. Attempted hero ball by Cam Johnson almost lost it.


That was quite the bed wetting. What the HELL was Pinson doing not calling timeout before he turns the ball over?

Sitting on TWO timeouts and he doesn’t call one as soon as he’s trapped on the sideline, smh.

They called the TO after the turnover, now only up 3, Duke with the ball, but horse is out of the barn, there, Roy!


Roy’s utter hatred of using timeouts has apparently infiltrated the players. I don’t mind, quicker game.


I minded there!


I can’t imagine the insanity of rooting for two teams…one with free throw issues, the other with clock management issues.


What two teams do you guys not want to see in Michigans region? For me I don’t want to see Duke or UNC.


The problem with getting a 3 seed is we would very likely see Duke or UNC in the sweet 16. Both are looking like likely 2s, and with the high possibility Purdue gets a 2, we would not likely be in their region. So chances are we see Duke or UNC, or could maybe luck out and get Cincy. Honestly would rather see any of the 1 seeds than Duke or UNC so maybe a 4 wouldn’t be so bad after all.


I feel like I’d rather play UNC than Virginia, but I can’t decide.


At some point you’ll have to beat great teams! There’s no place to hide in the tournament…that’s what makes it great!


While your statement is true, rather face a bad matchup in the Final Four than the Sweet 16 :slight_smile:


The good thing is that Duke, UNC, and UVA will be in different regions so we won’t have two of them. Other than the ideal situation of being a 3 with Kansas as the 2 and Xavier as the 1, I’m not sure I’d have a strong preference. I guess I’d like to avoid having Nova or Cinci and one of the ACC teams.

I’d also like to avoid dropping to a 4 and having Gonzaga be the 5. I wonder if Arkansas wins the SEC tourney if they could sneak up to a 6? I’d like to see them there with us the 3. If I could pick one outcome today, it would be Ark over Tenn, which would also help keep us above Tenn.


I saw a projection with Arkansas as the 6 seed in our pod. That would be very nice. Obviously if we get Gonzaga that would be a gross misjustice by the committee.


I’d be incredibly interested to see how Beilein deals with them. I think many of the top teams that they face lose out of stubbornness to change whatever they usually do.


Duke and NC are the only 2 teams that scare me at this point.