College Hoops Open Thread


I remember reading that Chuck Daly would be very “efficient” with his timeout speeches. Apparently he’d call timeout, shout out something quick like “Rebound, rebound, rebound!” and then the team would spend the next 2 minutes standing around waiting for the timeout to end.


How long is the history of Duke marauding through Chicago? How far back does it go, when did it start, how did it start? Bagman accusation sticks from as far back as Maggette, since he’s the known stain K lovers can’t rub out.

Would be interested in answers to the above, though.

@jemblue I also just dislike Pearl and think he’s always been lacking in coaching nous. His teams break apart against truly well-coached teams. Always the sign of a guy lacking HP. Can only win in a talent-off.


Oh, I’m not defending Pearl at all. I just thought the Daly anecdote was funny.


Daly’s teams were obviously ready to roll once they hit the court, and talk about coaches on the floor…


I don’t follow recruiting that closely - I just assume it’s mostly crooked, especially with respect to one-and-dones. So when Jeff Capel got rehired at Duke, and then they signed Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor out of Chicago in back-to-back years, I just jumped to the conclusion like I was hopping off the el.


Okafor and Parker are the only major kids Duke took from Chicago. Kentucky runs deeper with Ullis, Davis, Rose…


Maggette was from a Chicago suburb. Not sure who else they’ve gotten from there.


Yeah, that’s true. I was relying on Rivals’ database which doesn’t reach back to Corey.

Go back that far and you get Antoine Walker to Kentucky too.

This year, the #1 in state Player is a five-star from Chicago that Underwood actually got. #3 is that Horton kid we had a late dalliance with from Simeon.

Next year the top kid in-state is from Chicago and headed to Kansas.


Quickly going through a duke database, I found:

Phil Henderson - 1987
Chris Collins - 1992
Corey Maggette - 1998
Sean Dockery - 2002
Michael Thompson - 2002
Jon Scheyer - 2006
Jabari Parker - 2013
Jahlil Okafor - 2014

Not a huge list, but those are the notable names, either in program significance or being very high profile recruits…


Xavier blows 17 point lead and lose to Providence. Xavier I guess remains a one seed. They didn’t look like a one seed but I guess their resumè says they are. I wouldn’t mind seeing M a 4 seed in Xavier’s region.

In hindsight, poor decision by Macura. He took a 5 on 3 situation and negated by dribbling directly into the only defender, making it a one on one situation, in which he gets called for the charge. Had he set up the trailer, I think Xavier is celebrating right now. Easy for me to say after rewatching 5 times


It was definitely the wrong decision. He needed to lay off to the guy on his right.

That last two hours plus, WOW.

That’s the closest I’ve come to needing adult diapers, because I was not leaving this couch. I’m surprised my remote didn’t catch on fire as I was working between like five (maybe six?) games at once.

UVA kept trying to let Clemson in. That guy Thomas on Clemson is fascinating. He has a belly! And in this day and age of strength training, he has no definition in his arms. And despite that he is some kind of amazing talent.

If anyone saw the end of the Miss St-Tenn game, ugh. Miss State’s best offensive players driving a clean lane with a chance to tie it with two. The Teen defender was coming over for the desperation block, but I think the odds were very high that ends in a lay up or free throws. Instead he kicks it for an open three and the potential lead, they miss, and that’s the game. After all the work they did to get themselves in a position to tie, that’s brutal to me. He’s the best offensive player on the team, he should have finished his drive.

Temple really teased in that game, but fell away late. Wichita State just made too many shots and plays. Kansas toyed with blowing the lead, but managed to separate at the end. Graham through a lob with his team up, only needing to run clock, and turned it over to help KSU’s comeback chances - one of the number plays I’ve seen in a long time.


Xavier losing opens the door for a Duke 1 seed now. Best case scenario, Duke wins out and gets a #1, Xavier drops to a #2 in our region.


Wait, why do you want that?


I think he’s thinking we will be a 3 seed and would rather have a 2 seed matchup with Xavier in the sweet 16 than Duke.


Who are we rooting for in the TT vs. WV game? TT losing might put us ahead of them, but WV could also potentially jump us.


Yup the majority of projections I have seen have Michigan as a 3 seed with Duke as a 2 in the same region. So essentially we would need to beat Duke and another one seed unless they move up.

Although if we get stuck with a 4 seed then the opposite happens so who knows haha


Duval on Duke just limped off putting no pressure on his leg.


Oh, okay. I’m down with not having Duke as a likely Sweet 16 obstacle.

Kind of would prefer not to be in the bracket with #4 & #5, though.

Probably would rather be in the bracket with the #3 and what is that, the #sweet16

@DougDilly mgoblog says root for WVU, as they have more RPI to make up on us than TT does.

With that said, I have all sorts of perverse things I expect the stupid committee to do to us (ghost of Mark Hollis or whoever will be at work), and one of them is us vs. WVU.


UCLA up 4 on Arizona at the half. What a huge win that would be.


Smith on UCLA just losing this game. An utterly appalling stretch of play from him. Guy could not be any weaker with the ball.

Also, rooting for UCLA here has struck me as a hopelessly doomed enterprise from the start.