College Basketball Open Discussion


Clemson was up 16 at the half and might blow the -2. :angry:


That phantom foul call was something…


Clemson getting screwed by the whistle in this last minute. 3 questionable foul calls all went against them IMO


Clemson is going to have a very nerveracking Sunday with this loss. They have to hope for the other bubble teams to lose.


Florida got a 6 point possession and still might find a way to lose this.


Probably should guard Reid.


Who is this Florida fan they keep showing?


Florida with the dagger to go up three! C’mon, Gators!


Between Texas Tech last night and LSU right now, that bodes very well for us being a 2 seed, correct? Take care of business tonight and should be pretty much a lock I would think…


I’d still worry about Houston, but winning tonight would definitely improve Michigan’s standing.

Houston is 30-2 and has a strikingly similar resume to Gonzaga. Only difference is Gonzaga beat Duke (media hype) and has more “style points” helping them on KenPom because of conference opponent beat downs.



Auburn up 9 on Tennessee at the half.


Harvard fought fiercely; failed.


Tennessee played as badly as they could in that first half and yet they are still only down nine. I’d expect them to be right back into this thing by the under-16:00 media timeout.



Auburn is playing out of their minds defensively today and Tennessee just doesn’t seem to have it. Let down game after beating Kentucky.


I continue to get more pissed um isn’t getting more seriously considered for a 1 seed with a victory today as I watch these other potential ones play.


Consider this, if Sparty wins today do they take Gonzaga’s spot as 1 seed in the West?
And we will likely be the last 2 seed, which will be in the West. Hmmm. . . Do you think the selection committee would put us both in the West?


The only opinion that matters is that of the selection committee and we don’t hear from them until 6:00.


That not how it works, in that scenario we would head east with duke.


Poole lost in space