College Basketball Open Discussion


I’ve thought the same. But I think I’m going to keep my trial for if my Wolverhampton Wanderers make the FA Cup semifinals. Though I’m not entirely optimistic of that.


The good news is it’s only $5 for a month. I certainly spend $5 on way worse things.


I had too many subscriptions to various sites, so I had to cut back. When I had patreon for UMHOOPS, it was well worth it. But I also wanted The Athletic, BTN Plus and ESPN +. Plus a few podcasts I supported. A buck here and there quickly adds up to $30 a month or and I just bought a house lol. Too much good content out there!


Yeah, I hear ya. I jumped at the UMHoops offer when it was $24 for the year, plus I get KenPom for $20/year. Proud of myself for remembering to cancel my Amazon Music three-month trial before it started charging me $8/month

(BTW, congrats on the recent home purchase! It’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun – usually.)


ESPN+ is very worth it IMO if you watch enough college basketball. Also got the 30 For 30 library and a TON of soccer (USL Championship kicks off tonight).

In basketball news, Seton Hall just beat Villanova and probably clinched a tournament berth for themselves. They might need a first round Big East win to seal it though.


Tennessee lost to Auburn, but no chatter yet for dropping off the 1 line. It confounds me how KenPom views the B1G as very tough top to bottom, yet the pollsters continue to discount ACC and SEC conference losses, and amplify B1G losses for top teams. So now the odds grow higher of 3 ACC teams on the 1 line?

Edit: and the teams we crushed in the non-conference schedule continue to get worse, a la Villanova. Seems the only exception is Carolina, ranked ahead of us with more losses and more at home losses. Maybe it will give us an edge in the Big Dance.


Beat MSU and win the B1G tourney and I don’t see how Michigan wouldn’t be a 1 seed.


Well, you are singing my song, but the broadcasting pundits are not in harmony…yet.


Yeah lots of cards that need to fall obviously. But a 4 loss team, regular season and tournament champ in this Big Ten year would 100% be a 1 seed. The ACC teams will knock eachother off the line.



I love this story, but it seemed to end before it was finished. That’s probably because it did. I think the story is still being written about young Patrick Beilein, and a little bit more about John, too! :wink::grinning:


Two thing I need.

Franz Wagner

Patrick Beilein as Michigan Basketball Coach in the future.


So Gonzaga really struggled with St. Mary’s slow tempo tonight…I wouldn’t mind getting paired with Zaga out west


I was just going to say, can we PLEASE draw Gonzaga as a one?


Gonzaga was ball-screening them to death whenever they ran it with Perkins and Clarke/Hachimura. Absolutely no clue why they went away from it.


Bubble is actually sort of rounding into a solid bubble this season. Nothing great, but probably back on par for standard with a bid-steal or two and some solid mid-majors.

Zaga is still a one seed I think. It could be tight though. This is the closest one-seed race I can recall.


I’m hoping Michigan heads out West. Worked out well for us last year!


Very much hoping to go West even if Gonzaga’s the two seed. I’d face them as 3 seed. Our resume still says 2-seed to me, but whatever.


Full list of bets today:

Clemson -2 (-105) vs NC State
Rutgers +115 vs Nebraska
Providence PK (-110) vs Butler
Illinois -2 (-115) vs Northwestern
DePaul +180 vs St. Johns


Clemson/NC State is a huge bubble game, maybe bigger than Indiana/Ohio State or at least on the same level.