College Basketball Open Discussion


That would be one helluva rock fight, although UVA shoots it at 40% from deep.


I’d have a strange confidence in that matchup that I can’t fully explain, but I’d bet on us.


I think it’s genuinely different this year. This is a season where Indiana is getting serious bubble talk and Nebraska was not out of until that loss at Michigan (which, I must add, they were 5-12 in conference before). Last year’s bubble wasn’t strong, but it was fairly standard bubble teams. USC that got snubbed last season is like a ten seed in this season’s bracket. Even compare Arizona State teams from last year to this, not much contest in terms of which one is/was better.


I think Virginia would beat us by ~10 points on a neutral court, they are that good.

Would love if we had a guy like Ty Jerome on our team. Kyle Guy is also really damn good at shooting … dude doesn’t need any space to get off his shot.


UVA is fantastic. Imo we’d have almost no chance barring a really hot shooting night. They’re basically us except better, so hard to see us matching up well. I think they’re the best team in the country, only behind peak Zion-Duke


Uva has the highest efficiency of the ken Pom era right now.


Michigan and possibly Duke are the teams Virginia does not want to see in March/April. UM has the athletes to run them off the 3 point line. UM-UVA would be a great game, one I would like to see possibly in the elite 8 or even better in the final four. I think we match up well. (I was assuming Matthews would be healthy!)


I’m hoping that we make it to the sweet 16. I know that we are good enough, but that only takes you so far.


The only place I’d want to see Virginia is the championship game. And that’s only because I’d be happy as hell that we made it.


I’d settle for losing to them in the Final Four because it’s a banner. But yeah…please not before then.


Historically beilein teams have really struggled against packline defenses and Virginia’s packline is as good as it gets. I’d much rather see duke than uva. IMO the teams that will give uva the most trouble are hyper athletic teams that really crash the offensive boards.


Duke down 10 at home in the 2nd half to a Wake Forest team that is 4-12 in the ACC


I can’t believe the narrative right now is that Duke is locked into a #1 seed due to Zion’s injury. They could end up a 6 or 7 loss team. I don’t know how you’d put them at a #1 seed with that kind of record.


Yeah, at some point the injury has to stop being a factor.


Ugh. How did that ball not go in for Wake? Regardless, Duke had to get lucky just to beat an 11-18 team at Cameron Indoor. And they’re a shoo-in #1 seed? Psch.


I don’t think it would have counted had it dropped in. It looked like it was still on his fingers when the clock ran out.


Yeah, I think you may be right.


Ole Miss is giving Kentucky all they can handle right now.


It is a crazy world that Wave and Miller still have their job, and NCAA is dead silent.


Trying to decide if I want to do the ESPN+ 7-day trial and completely torpedo any productivity I’ll have over the next week.