College Basketball Open Discussion


Houston’s longest in the nation home-win streak ends at the hands of UCF. Aubrey Dawkins made some big plays down the stretch.


Utah State with a nice home win over Nevada. They hold their destiny for the one seed in the Mountain West, and it probably gets them off the bubble provided they win their final game at Colorado State.

Related note, but wow is the bubble awful this season. Would not be surprised if the final Bracket Matrix bracket ends up having at least 66 of the 68 teams in like last season.


Made some money on Utah State +115. Advanced numbers had them as favorites, but Vegas had Nevada -2


Marquette will be going down early in my bracket. Can’t believe they’re ranked so high


Not bad at all. USU might be slightly underrated heading into the tourney, not sure if I’ll have them too deep though.


I think the Marquette and Houston losses mean Michigan is likely locked into the 2 line unless we win out.


I think if UNC beats Duke, a 1 is still in play.

Gonzaga, Virginia, one of Kentucky/Tennessee would seem to be locks, then a 5-loss UNC team that Michigan blew out and a 5-loss Duke team that went 0-2 against UNC would be the next best competition.


Me too. Loved it.


Think UNC would get the nod in that situation unfortunately.


You better believe it. It’s the ACC bias in the press and polls and the tournament committee. It’s similar to the SEC bias in football.


Probably. We beat them a long time ago, and they have played better than us since. Same with Purdue.


Random: Is the bubble ever ACTUALLY “really soft this year”? Or do people just say this literally every year because they forget what a bubble team looks like?


This, this, this! Every year the experts seem duly unimpressed with the makeup of the bubble as if that season is the worst ever, when in reality, the bubble is never “strong” because any team on the cusp of NCAA consideration probably isn’t that good.


Indiana even being in the discussion by some prognosticators bolsters these points even more.


If there was ever a “strong” bubble it was when there were 64 teams in the tourney. Going to 68 diluted things further.


UVA is absolutely shooting the lights out in the Carrier Dome tonight. At the under-4:00 timeout the Hoos are currently 18-for-24 from deep. Kyle Guy is 8/10, Ty Jerome is 5/6, and DeAndre Hunter is 5/7. Syracuse led this game at the half, 34-32. UVA is now up, 77-51, with 2:00 left.



Saw someone had us as the two seed in a bracket with them. Does anyone think we could challenge them?


Absolutely. It would be a one possession game with a score in the 50’s.


Not if tonite’s UVA shows up. They would probably break some Villanova tournament records with their #1 D and shooting that way. But heh, we might just shut down their 3 pt shooting…NOT!

Edit: Ty Jerome had 14 assists. I am certain X could stifle that action quite a bit. I suspect the committee would like to arrange this matchup for our viewing pleasure.


Yes, that would be quite the matchup. I’d feel pretty good about it to be honest.