College Basketball Open Discussion


If Zion has a sprained knee (speculation on my part), he shouldn’t came back at all. There is too much at stake for him to keep on playing (I know, hot take). He’s a top 2 pick right now and if I’m in his corner, I’m telling to stay away and not risk anything else happening.


Does any college basketball team have a player outside their top 4 that can take over a game? I don’t think so. With healthy Zion, Duke is the best team, with a couple other teams right behind. With Zion, Duke can shoot bad and still win because Zion will score 25 points on 11-14 shooting. Plus they shoot bad most games, if they ever shoot well from 3 they’re damn near impossible to beat. It actually impressed me how close UVA kept that game when Duke shot 60% from 3.



True but most teams have guys outside their top 4 that can actually put the ball in the hoop more than once or twice. Michigan has 6 guys right now that can do that. MSU has Winston, Mcquaid, Goins, Tillman and Ahrens right now that can do that. And that’s excluding Ward and Langford. Iowa has a ton of guys that can shoot/score in Cook, Garza, Bohannon, Wieskamp, Moss and Mccaffery. This is just 3 Big Ten teams.


Livers. Michigan kid can do it.


I’ve always like bolden , surprised he hasn’t done more.


Yeah, always seems to have a “brighter star” in front of him at Duke. One of the few guys who I feel would actually be better served by transferring so really showcase some ability


That’s wild. Tragic on a lot of levels


Derryck Thornton sighting for USC. Think that guy regrets not coming to Michigan?


If ESPN loves Ja Morant so much then why don’t they put Murray State games on ESPNU or at least ESPN3? Instead they put them on ESPN+ where like five people can watch.


Probably TV contracts.


I seem to recall watching Murray State on ESPN/2/U a bunch back when they had that really good team under Steve Prohm…of course that was like seven years ago.


Murray State has been on ESPN2 or ESPNU at least 3 or 4 times this year. I frequently see them when scrolling for games on random days.


LSU takes down Tennessee ( without Tremont Waters ) at home.

Super athletic edition of Tigers. Frosh Javonte Smart incredible as replacement for Waters.


Tennessee blows it in OT…ridiculously stupid and unnecessary foul with 0.6 seconds left. So egregious that the refs didn’t swallow the whistle. Only watched the OT, but both teams seemed like they were trying to lose.


Smart would start for most teams nationally. He was pretty impressive on the EYBL when I watched him.


Always was a big time recruit. Say what you want about Wade, but he’s got a heckuva dangerous athletic team.


I say this once a year, but more people should use the ball fake. That shot by Barrett was a thing of beauty. So simple, so nice.



Would Bill Self be in line for some of the same?