College Basketball Open Discussion



That’s hilarious. I don’t understand how anybody could shoot a free throw that bad, especially a guy who shoots free throws virtually everyday. Maybe down under in New Zealand they approach free throws from a different perspective.


Duke certainly seems to be the juggernaut this year; in our two most successful seasons, we ran into the “juggernaut” in the final. We were, at least, pretty close to Louisville, but they looked like the best team for the entirety of the postseason.

The good news is that if we charge deep enough into the postseason to get Duke, we actually saw Williamson straight-up defended pretty well here. He’ll still get his, but his first half was built on a couple of turnover scores that a lot of guys could have gotten and a three-pointer. It’s possible that Matthews can stay in front of him in similar fashion; it is unlikely that the rest of the team will ever shoot like that again.

The bad news is that Michigan can’t beat Duke scoring 1.00 per possession.


I think Gonzaga is right up there with Duke.


Watch poor Salt throw his hands up in frustration after the miss. That’s so funny.